Saturday, January 17, 2009

AFC Championship Game Moment of Zen

Just watching this video will give any TRUE member of the Steeler Nation CHILLS...

Friday, January 16, 2009

AFC Championship Weekend Links

The ring for the Super Bowl 6-pack is within sight, and the Steelers will need to knock 2 of those 3 teams off to attain that goal.

Ah yes, another AFC Championship Weekend here in the Steeler Nation. Believe. That is the feeling that all fans of the Steelers share as the Ravens come to town Sunday night. Here's some linkage to get you pumped up for the game (Kickoff 6:40 PM, CBS).

Sign that you know that the fans of dem Baltimore Birdies being scared

This is the mayor of San Diego making good on the bet that he made with Pittsburgh Mayor Luke STEELER-Stahl.
Details here

Now, the Mayoress of Baltimore is unfortunately not able to make a bet, or nothing's been made public (leave a comment if there is a bet though), but, umm yeah, she's got more pressing matters??? on her hands.

The fans of the two teams are into the betting spirit, though.

Even the Pittsburgh Zoo's animals are a part of the Steeler Nation.

Kevin Cowherd, more like Coward, of the Balt Sun??? Yeah, Steelers fans probably hate you.

A few months ago, there was possibility of a Jets-Giants Super Bowl, well there's now this possibility. Suck on that New Jersey!

Did you know the Steelers had actually merged with each of the participants of the NFC Championship game in the 1940s? I did, but that's owed to the fact I like history.

You know already that the Cardinals have a connection with Pittsburgh with Coaches Cheese-whiz and Russ Grimm. How about a Pittsburgh connection with some of the players.
Bice and I were both at Clarion long enough ago that we could have seen Reggie Wells play.

Those are your links for the weekend, enjoy those, and on a final thought, besides

This week one of my favorite TV shows came back, and if you had followed my afternoon radio show in Clarion the past 3+ years, you know I'm talking about American Idol. It's the first few weeks of the season that I enjoy most, in addition to the final to see who's crowned the American Idol each May. Now, I had read from various sources that the auditions were going to be somewhat different from past seasons (for example, more focus on the better singers, and not as many of the William Hung types). Tuning in Tuesday and Wednesday night, I was pleasantly surprised to see a healthy amount of both packed into the 2 hours both nights. You definitely saw the crazy characters (bikini girl, who surprising moved on to Hollywood, but it helps when you have 2 straight guys on the judges panel), the great singers, the terrible singers (the black guy with the really deep voice that no one actually believed was his real voice, and countless others), and the feel-good stories (the birthday girl who lived with her hard-of-hearing 93-year-old grandmother, and God knows I thought she was going to interrupt the sit-down with that girl at her house when she was telling her story; the oil worker with a voice of gold). It looks like a good season, and it's definitely hotter with that new judge, Kara DioGuardi as well, adding her hotness and great personality to an already strong stable of 3 judges. (By the way, I wanna know what happens if there's a 2-2 tie, so think of some possible solutions in the comments.

Thanks for reading and see ya next week!

Commercials I Hate: Kay's Jewelry

This commercial has bothered me for a while now. Mainly because deaf people should only date other deaf people. JK JK. What really pisses me off about this commercial is that this dude gets his deaf girlfriend a God Damned watch. There have been hundred upon hundreds of jewelry commercials where able-hearing girls gets a ring, necklace, or earrings but to give Donna Deaf a watch? Isn't she deserving of a ring. I mean it would have at least been comical if she was blind and he gave her a watch. If that were the case, he could have gotten her a really cheap ring and said it was really expensive and she'd have to believe it. How's she going to know? She's blind!

Football Falls in Erie

There are four types of NFL fans in Erie, Steelers, Bills, Browns and Cowboys. Lets go through the types of fans that live in Erie:
Bills: People in Erie are Bills fans mainly because we live in a Bills television market.
Browns: People in Erie that are Browns fans are all mentally challenged. Mainly because of the pollution that once was trapped in Lake Erie these fans do not have the intelectual brain power to know the difference.
Cowboys: People in Erie are Cowboy fans because of one person Mark Stepnowski.
Mark Stepnowski is a local pot smoker that played for the Dallas Cowgirls in the late 90’s. His career was short lived like his memory due to the excessive pot smoking this Erie native has done.
Steelers: People in Erie that are Steelers fans are usually people that have once lived south of I-90. These fans are loyal to the Steeler Nation due to 3 Reasons:
1). Steeler fans wear their Black and Gold to church on Sundays.
2). Steeler fans fly the black and gold flags everyday of the week for 20 straight weeks.
3).Steeler fans know that if you aren’t a Steeler Fan you not Shit!.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I don't know if you have been paying any attention to the Pittsburgh new as of late, but Baltimore seems to want to take on more then just the Steelers this weekend. It seems to me like that want to take on the city of Pittsburgh and it's upstanding citizens. I recently was watching the news and rather then the Ravens talking shit, the fans and writers are doing it for them. They were making comments about how weird Pittsburghers or whatever we call ourselves talk. Making fun of our Pittsburghese language. The most recent story came from the Baltimore Sun, as if they get that much Sun down their to add that to the title of their shitty publication that they claim to be a "news"paper. The reporters name was Coward and he was making fun of our beloved incline system on Mt. Washington. He was saying who the heck would want to ride a 400 foot incline ride up a mountain and hear the whistling wind and creaking of wood. I just happen to live on Mt. Washington, so I can defend this one myself. There has never been a day that I have driven by when their wasn't a tourist or a person admiring the incline system whether it be riding it or standing on the over look to check on its unique style. I happen to like it Mr. Coward because it is easy, cheap transportation to get to downtown, station sq. and to football games like the one I will be attending on Sunday. You know, the one that if and when we win and beat yourawesome Baltimore Ravens that will take us to the Superbowl. Baltimore is such a crime free, clean city. Not to mention the only thing you got going for you, which is the inner harbor, but dont you dare step outside those boundaries because you just may get shot or jumped. If I am correct wasn't their a HBO series that was created and based on your glorious city?? Ya, iI believe their was, it was called "The Wire". It was pretty much about the gangs and scum of your city and how terrible drug, crime, std rates were.

Well I am just glad I didn't have to talk any trash on the city of Baltimore, HBO did a pretty good job doing that. Just a little advice to you Mr. Coward, you may want to keep your comments to yourself, you do realize Steeler Nation does not just live in Pittsburgh. You being a newspaper reporter should already know this by now, seeing when we play you guys at home, the stadium is flooding with black and gold and terrible towels being waved around like its a home game for US, THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!

To cold for school or just want a 3 day weekend for the steelers game??

So after a long day at work I come home and get relaxed and ready to sit to wacth tv. I turn on the TV and I see that a plane take a crash landing into the Hudson river in NYC. Thank God that everyone survived and the plane stayed in tacked. I have to give kudos to the pilot and the NY rescue crews who were there on first reponse, even the ferry and pleasure boats who aborted their schedules to help out deserve thanks. This however isn't what I wanted to discuss. As I was watching this story develop and the national news switching over to the local news I was reading the bottom lines for cancellations for Friday. I can't help to remember when I was in school we didn't have many cancellations or even 2 hr. delays. I don't think I can even name a school district in the surrounding area of the city of Pittsburgh that hasn't cancelled already. What the hell is going on ?? I remember when I was in school it was like get your ass to school no matter what. They didn't give a shit how much snow was on the ground or how cold it was outside. Instead, once we got to school we use to all hear the horror stories well when I was your age school buses never got back to where we lived and we didn't have a car for the kids. We had to walk to school to and fro up hill in snow up to our knees...blah blah know how the rest of the story goes.

So what the hell is really going on ? I don't know if you heard this yet, but the Pittsburgh Steelers have a pretty big game this weekend. The game is known as the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. My thinking on this is people meaning teachers, school advisors, and principals found their way out to enjoy a 3 day weekend. This way they can get another day of stuff done and enjoy their Sunday of watching the Steelers beat the shit out of the Ravens and do nothing more with their day then just that. I am actually waiting to watch the news tommorrow or Sunday night and see them start the cancellations or atleast 2 hr delays for Monday

The bottom line is (I apologize for my Stone Cold Steve Austin reference) if your really cancelling school because of the weather thats fine or maybe it is not because I am rather bitter I never got to expierence days like that. Maybe you should bundle up and not be a bitch and get your ass to school. I have to go to work Friday. The Steelers aren"t cancelling work tommorrow nor are they cancelling the game. I am also betting that people are planning on going to the game whether it be 0 degrees outside and snowing or 75 degrees out and sunny. If your going to cancel school this far ahead of time, why dont we just declare this fucking weekend a holiday for western PA and give everyone off. This way we can all start our pregame tailgate to take on the shit talking Baltimore Ravens and their shit talking fans.

Go Steelers!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Almost Got Killed Today

I almost died today. And it wasn't because I swollowed somthing with a Mr. Yuck sticker on it.

This is actually somthing that all of us except Bice can relate too, since we all still live in the Western Pennsylvania region. As most of you know, we've gotten a shit load of snow recently. I actually enjoyed watching it snow until my dad made me shovel it all. Then I hated it. But regardless, it has snowed a ton lately. And today I almost died because of it.

It should first be noted that I think Penn DOT (PA Dept. of Transportation) has been really lazy lately. I don't see what is so hard about keeping the roads safe. I would like to make note on this blog that when I would be driving to work around 4am, I would see Penn DOT trucks parked along side the road doing nothing. It's nice to see that our tax dollars are being spent on a couple of lazy guys that like to sleep.

Now, I was drving along one of our beautiful roadways in the great state of Pennsylvania (by the way, it should also be noted that I used to love the slogan "You've Got a Friend In Pennsylvania" that used to be on license plates) when I noticed on a particular section it appeared to be snow covered. It was snowing so I assumed that it was just a section they hadn't got to. But it wasn't snowing bad or anything. As I was driving I slowed down to a safe speed so that I could avoid a crash. The lanes were mostly clear except right down the middle, so I was driving over a coating of snow that was about a half inch or more. All of a sudden, as I was negoitating a turn, my car began to slide out of control. I was lucky to manage a save, as I began sliding into another lane when a car was coming. I managed to stay in my lane but then I almost slid over the side of a hill. Luckily my tires got away from the snow and I got slowed down. It was a close call for sure. Then when I told my dear mother of the incident, she just laughed at me like I exaggerate every thing that goes on in my life. Whatev. The point is Penn DOT should take better care of the roadways, otherwise a somewhat famous individual could have died today. That is all of my story. I hope you all learned a valuable lesson today. Godspeed.

Before I go here are a couple things you should know. On, Rick Reilly, the guy who used to write for Sports Illustrated, wrote a great piece on Beer Pong. I am sure Bones will leave a post sometime in the next day or two either endorsing it, or calling it jibberish. And the picture of the chick in this post is my new girlfriend. Not really, but she probably wants me anyway.

Fat Gorzo loses weight!

Tom and his trainer during a break in their off season workout.

Good news Pirate fans. Your season is saved. Old Gorzelanny will be showing up to camp 15 pounds lighter, according to an article in today's Post-Gazette. The losing ends now!

Is it just me or do we get an article like this every year? Some player, who underperformed the last season, shows up to camp 15 pounds skinnier yet still ends up playing like garbage. I specifically remember such articles for Fat Ronny Paulino and Craig Wilson but I'm sure there have been more. However, there was one about Ryan Doumit last year, but I think he put on muscle so who knows.

My question is "Why are these guys out of shape in the first place?" Sure, they play baseball, which is the laziest sport in the world, but come on, it shouldn't be that hard to take care of yourself. And why did management let him get to this point? Wouldn't it be in their best interest to keep tabs on someone who was their best pitcher just one year prior?

Maybe this is why Jeff Andrews was fired. Hopefully the new pitching coach will make sure Tom stops having hamburger eating contests with Matt Capps.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Never Stomp On A Dead Guy's Towel

I think people will laugh at me after I say this. Hell, I'll probably get made fun of. But I just knew that back in week 16 after Tennessee Titans players Lendell White and Keith Bulluck stomped on the Terrible Towel, they wouldn't make it to the Super Bowl. Many people may think that the Terrible Towel is just a stupid yellow towel that a bunch of crazy Steeler fans wave like lunatics during games. Well I've got news for ya.....It's not.

Myron Cope was the one person that created the enitre towel waving craze.
He was a genius. The best part is that the proceeds go towards a good cause.

"THE TERRIBLE TOWEL is not an instrument of witchcraft...It is not a hex upon the enemy. THE TOWEL is a positive force that lifts the Steelers to magnificent heights-and poses mysterious difficulties for the Steelers' opponents only if need be. Many have told me that THE TERRIBLE TOWEL brought them good fortune, but I can't guarentee that sort of thing because the Steelers, after all, are THE TOWELS primary concern. Still, at least, the symbol of THE TERRIBLE TOWEL will serve as a momento to your having been a part of the Steelers Dynasty and if it causes good things to happen to you, so much the better." - Myron Cope

Say what you want, but I think that disgracing THE TOWEL is a big mistake. Think about it. Back when the Steelers won their last Super Bowl the Cincinnatti Bengals Wide Reciever TJ Who's Yo Mama wiped his feet with THE TOWEL. They lost and haven't been the same since. Although we didn't play them, I sure would have liked to because I think we would have beat them. But thats just my opinon.

Holy Hockey Hell
The Penguins could very well have their season on the line tonight when they play the Flyers. Regardless, I don't think they are out of it yet. An entire half of hockey has yet to be played and whoever is in the top 8 of each conference after that makes the playoffs. Anything can happen. Which is why I want to make this point. One of three things will happen with the Penguins. 1) the Pens will stay the course with the way things are and hope it all turns around, 2) Fire Head Coach Michael Therrien or 3) Make a trade for a scoring winger to play with Sidney Crosby.

Whatever happens keep this in mind. Trades dont solve your problems. Think back to last year at the deadline and what we gave up (Colby, Esposito, Christianson and 1st round pick) and what we still have ( Hossa). Firing a coach won't solve problems either. This slump is the players fault. The Pens are hurt and it isn't fair to judge them until they are healthy. Who know's maybe Gonchar will help the team's struggeling power play. But keep this in mind too. Firing a coach may throw this enitre season off, yet help them next season. Chemistry is a huge part of wining hockey and right now the Pens don't have it. Don't fire Therrien.

I'll make this short and sweet...

NFC Championship Game
Philadelphia @ Arizona (FOX Sun. 3pm)

Arizona looked good the other night against Carolina, although I didn't watch the game, forcing 6 turnovers is very impressive. But that is the point. They don't do it all the time and clearly even the best defenses don't force that many turnovers all the time. It was a fluke. But the Cards looked dangerous. But I think Philly may be tougher and better. But I don't like their history in NFC Championships.

Arizona 28-17

AFC Championship Game

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (CBS Sun. 6:30pm)

I love this matchup. But I'll be honest I don't think it will be the game people think it is going to be. The Ravens are banged up. Flacco is a rookie QB. Steelers are pretty much healthy. This is the third game of the season these two teams will play and the first two were close. I doubt this one is. The Ravens may be able to get some decent gains, but the Steelers will shut down the run and force Flacco to throw and he will finally make a mistake or two.

Pittsburgh 24-9

Monday, January 12, 2009

Thank You BICE!

I would just like to say thank you to Jason Bice. Mr Bice has invited me to join this wonderful blog probaly to honor the diplomas that we have from the same high school. I would like to take this moment and thank some of the people and companies that can make this event possible for me: HP for making a wonderful PC for me to conduct my work on, Ashland for making such a fine quality chair and computer stand, Time Warner Cable for providing me with the slowest internet connection in the western civilization. This event would not be possible without there wonderful products.


As one season ends another one begins in the Burgh. After ending the season and sending the cocky Philip Rivers as well as DUI Jackson back to San Diego, a new season has begun. It is bird hunting season in Pittsburgh and its even being extended into Tampa. (How you like that one The game against the Chargers this past weekend was one that was dominated not only on the defensive side, but on the offensive side as well. The offensive line may have played their best game since the Texans game. Willie Colon and Max Starks were playing like Pro Bowlers... well maybe that is a stretch, but you catch my drift. Ben had all day to throw even though he sailed a couple of balls, I will always give credit to him, since I am always quick to bash him when he makes a mistake. The ball he threw to Hines down in the redzone after he over threw Holmes was a beauty, tight spiral and actually had some zing on it for once. I wonder if all that was possible because of our O - line play. Willie found his toughness and speed again and how huge was the cutting and resiging of Gary Russell. His tough couple yards around the goaline have been huge late in the season. I must say for once the bye week may have done us good.
Before I move on to talk about how much happier I am that we are playing the Ravens, rather then the Titans. I think it is only right to give the special teams unit some credit for this yr and this last game against the Chargers. The punt return by Holmes was a great momentum and crowd pleaser and Mitch Berger, I knew there was a reason we signed him back to our team. So he could punt the ball off opposing players helmets. Not bad, that may have made up for all your 28 yard avg punts you were giving us in the regular season.

Bring on the Ravens!! Wow I knew Baltimore was a good football team and Joe Flacco was a pretty damn good QB espically for being a rookie. However, I didn't know that they were magicians. The way they escaped from their game with the Titans with a win was better then watching some 24 hr stupid ass David Blane trick. If the Titans new how to hang on to the ball in the redzone we would be facing what i consider a very dangerous Titans team. Fortunatly for us we get to play a familiar foe , who looked tired, and beat up in the Baltimore Ravens. We all know as Steelers fans, the Ravens bark is much bigger then their bite, so we are not intimidated by their diherria of the mouth. We know what to expect, it is going to be a war and a draining battle. The best thing we have going for us and we haven't had to play 2 weeks in a row on the road prior to this game. Trust me this is who we want to play, espically with a young o - line and Ben at Qb. We want to play someone we know very well and at home.

SUNDAYS PREDICTIONS - I think this will be the game you will see Joe Flacco make some mistakes. Tricky Dick is going to put the game in Young Joey's hands and let him try to beat us with his arm as oppose to that running game that will not have much success Sunday. I also think the Steelers are going to try and do what they did against the chargers and that is impose their will on that Ravens defense and try to run the ball down their throats and force them to make tackles .(something they were struggling to do against the quick Chris Johnson of the Titans) Ben has to play like he did this past week and take care of the ball and make the throws he can knows he can make not the ones he wishes he could make.

Final Score - Ravens 10 - Steelers 20

In the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game both of these teams have the ability to surprise you and that is obvious since they are both one game away from the Superbowl. These two teams also have the ability to shit the bed as well. However, they are both playing at a high level and both of them look like totally different teams from what they looked like in the regular season. I give the slight edge to the Cardinals. They are putting up points in the playoffs whenever they want and they are running the football very well. They also will be getting back the talented Boldin. Their defense is playing with a lot of energy ,flying to the ball, which makes me wonder after they clinched that berth for playoffs if they weren't holding back and saving it all for this moment. They have only loss once at home all yr and that stadium when closed is loud. I don't think Fat Andy Reid and his pass happy play calling will not work this game and McNabb will struggle. Kurt Warner will make all the right decisions and it will be a reunion of PA players and coaches in the Superbowl. Arizona wins and gives Andy Reid a heart attack and puts him on the subway diet

Final Score -Eagles 16 Cardinals 27

Lets hope you all stay away from any parties that RAY RAY and friends are throwing around the Superbowl..we all know how that story

Sunday, January 11, 2009

One for Antonio Alfonseca's Deformed 6th finger!

Santonio is running so fast because he heard Bones is on the prowl!

I know it's a lame title but we can't say one for the thumb anymore. Although that in itself didn't make much sense because rings usually don't fit on thumbs. They're too fat. Its science.


After teaching Sham Diego (you like that Bones?) the Steelers are but one game away from playing in their seventh trip to the Super Bowl. Standing in their way: The Baltimore Ravens.

Unfortunately, Ray won't be in jail, where he belongs, come Sunday.

Out of everyone in the AFC, the Ravens are the team I hate to see the most in the game. Not because they're a fierce rival and always give the Steelers a tough game but because the Steelers have already beaten them twice this year. This means that, whether they win or lose, some headline somewhere will say "Third Time's a Charm!" I can see this overused cliche showing up on ESPN but wouldn't be surpised if I saw it in the Post Gazette or the Tribune Review. I'm calling it right now and after the game I am going to find it and post the link right here on CGO!

Yes, I am an asshole!

In other news, some douchebag came into the pizza shop tonight wearing sunglasses. I wanted to punch him on the face. The I noticed he was wearing shoes with purple shoelaces so I murdered him. I'll probably be in jail soon so I may not be able to blog for a while. Oh Well.