Thursday, January 15, 2009


I don't know if you have been paying any attention to the Pittsburgh new as of late, but Baltimore seems to want to take on more then just the Steelers this weekend. It seems to me like that want to take on the city of Pittsburgh and it's upstanding citizens. I recently was watching the news and rather then the Ravens talking shit, the fans and writers are doing it for them. They were making comments about how weird Pittsburghers or whatever we call ourselves talk. Making fun of our Pittsburghese language. The most recent story came from the Baltimore Sun, as if they get that much Sun down their to add that to the title of their shitty publication that they claim to be a "news"paper. The reporters name was Coward and he was making fun of our beloved incline system on Mt. Washington. He was saying who the heck would want to ride a 400 foot incline ride up a mountain and hear the whistling wind and creaking of wood. I just happen to live on Mt. Washington, so I can defend this one myself. There has never been a day that I have driven by when their wasn't a tourist or a person admiring the incline system whether it be riding it or standing on the over look to check on its unique style. I happen to like it Mr. Coward because it is easy, cheap transportation to get to downtown, station sq. and to football games like the one I will be attending on Sunday. You know, the one that if and when we win and beat yourawesome Baltimore Ravens that will take us to the Superbowl. Baltimore is such a crime free, clean city. Not to mention the only thing you got going for you, which is the inner harbor, but dont you dare step outside those boundaries because you just may get shot or jumped. If I am correct wasn't their a HBO series that was created and based on your glorious city?? Ya, iI believe their was, it was called "The Wire". It was pretty much about the gangs and scum of your city and how terrible drug, crime, std rates were.

Well I am just glad I didn't have to talk any trash on the city of Baltimore, HBO did a pretty good job doing that. Just a little advice to you Mr. Coward, you may want to keep your comments to yourself, you do realize Steeler Nation does not just live in Pittsburgh. You being a newspaper reporter should already know this by now, seeing when we play you guys at home, the stadium is flooding with black and gold and terrible towels being waved around like its a home game for US, THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!

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Bones said...

Considering that the city of Baltimore is a total shithole, where do these clowns get off saying shit about Pittsburgh?