Sunday, January 11, 2009

One for Antonio Alfonseca's Deformed 6th finger!

Santonio is running so fast because he heard Bones is on the prowl!

I know it's a lame title but we can't say one for the thumb anymore. Although that in itself didn't make much sense because rings usually don't fit on thumbs. They're too fat. Its science.


After teaching Sham Diego (you like that Bones?) the Steelers are but one game away from playing in their seventh trip to the Super Bowl. Standing in their way: The Baltimore Ravens.

Unfortunately, Ray won't be in jail, where he belongs, come Sunday.

Out of everyone in the AFC, the Ravens are the team I hate to see the most in the game. Not because they're a fierce rival and always give the Steelers a tough game but because the Steelers have already beaten them twice this year. This means that, whether they win or lose, some headline somewhere will say "Third Time's a Charm!" I can see this overused cliche showing up on ESPN but wouldn't be surpised if I saw it in the Post Gazette or the Tribune Review. I'm calling it right now and after the game I am going to find it and post the link right here on CGO!

Yes, I am an asshole!

In other news, some douchebag came into the pizza shop tonight wearing sunglasses. I wanted to punch him on the face. The I noticed he was wearing shoes with purple shoelaces so I murdered him. I'll probably be in jail soon so I may not be able to blog for a while. Oh Well.

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