Monday, January 12, 2009


As one season ends another one begins in the Burgh. After ending the season and sending the cocky Philip Rivers as well as DUI Jackson back to San Diego, a new season has begun. It is bird hunting season in Pittsburgh and its even being extended into Tampa. (How you like that one The game against the Chargers this past weekend was one that was dominated not only on the defensive side, but on the offensive side as well. The offensive line may have played their best game since the Texans game. Willie Colon and Max Starks were playing like Pro Bowlers... well maybe that is a stretch, but you catch my drift. Ben had all day to throw even though he sailed a couple of balls, I will always give credit to him, since I am always quick to bash him when he makes a mistake. The ball he threw to Hines down in the redzone after he over threw Holmes was a beauty, tight spiral and actually had some zing on it for once. I wonder if all that was possible because of our O - line play. Willie found his toughness and speed again and how huge was the cutting and resiging of Gary Russell. His tough couple yards around the goaline have been huge late in the season. I must say for once the bye week may have done us good.
Before I move on to talk about how much happier I am that we are playing the Ravens, rather then the Titans. I think it is only right to give the special teams unit some credit for this yr and this last game against the Chargers. The punt return by Holmes was a great momentum and crowd pleaser and Mitch Berger, I knew there was a reason we signed him back to our team. So he could punt the ball off opposing players helmets. Not bad, that may have made up for all your 28 yard avg punts you were giving us in the regular season.

Bring on the Ravens!! Wow I knew Baltimore was a good football team and Joe Flacco was a pretty damn good QB espically for being a rookie. However, I didn't know that they were magicians. The way they escaped from their game with the Titans with a win was better then watching some 24 hr stupid ass David Blane trick. If the Titans new how to hang on to the ball in the redzone we would be facing what i consider a very dangerous Titans team. Fortunatly for us we get to play a familiar foe , who looked tired, and beat up in the Baltimore Ravens. We all know as Steelers fans, the Ravens bark is much bigger then their bite, so we are not intimidated by their diherria of the mouth. We know what to expect, it is going to be a war and a draining battle. The best thing we have going for us and we haven't had to play 2 weeks in a row on the road prior to this game. Trust me this is who we want to play, espically with a young o - line and Ben at Qb. We want to play someone we know very well and at home.

SUNDAYS PREDICTIONS - I think this will be the game you will see Joe Flacco make some mistakes. Tricky Dick is going to put the game in Young Joey's hands and let him try to beat us with his arm as oppose to that running game that will not have much success Sunday. I also think the Steelers are going to try and do what they did against the chargers and that is impose their will on that Ravens defense and try to run the ball down their throats and force them to make tackles .(something they were struggling to do against the quick Chris Johnson of the Titans) Ben has to play like he did this past week and take care of the ball and make the throws he can knows he can make not the ones he wishes he could make.

Final Score - Ravens 10 - Steelers 20

In the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game both of these teams have the ability to surprise you and that is obvious since they are both one game away from the Superbowl. These two teams also have the ability to shit the bed as well. However, they are both playing at a high level and both of them look like totally different teams from what they looked like in the regular season. I give the slight edge to the Cardinals. They are putting up points in the playoffs whenever they want and they are running the football very well. They also will be getting back the talented Boldin. Their defense is playing with a lot of energy ,flying to the ball, which makes me wonder after they clinched that berth for playoffs if they weren't holding back and saving it all for this moment. They have only loss once at home all yr and that stadium when closed is loud. I don't think Fat Andy Reid and his pass happy play calling will not work this game and McNabb will struggle. Kurt Warner will make all the right decisions and it will be a reunion of PA players and coaches in the Superbowl. Arizona wins and gives Andy Reid a heart attack and puts him on the subway diet

Final Score -Eagles 16 Cardinals 27

Lets hope you all stay away from any parties that RAY RAY and friends are throwing around the Superbowl..we all know how that story

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