Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fat Gorzo loses weight!

Tom and his trainer during a break in their off season workout.

Good news Pirate fans. Your season is saved. Old Gorzelanny will be showing up to camp 15 pounds lighter, according to an article in today's Post-Gazette. The losing ends now!

Is it just me or do we get an article like this every year? Some player, who underperformed the last season, shows up to camp 15 pounds skinnier yet still ends up playing like garbage. I specifically remember such articles for Fat Ronny Paulino and Craig Wilson but I'm sure there have been more. However, there was one about Ryan Doumit last year, but I think he put on muscle so who knows.

My question is "Why are these guys out of shape in the first place?" Sure, they play baseball, which is the laziest sport in the world, but come on, it shouldn't be that hard to take care of yourself. And why did management let him get to this point? Wouldn't it be in their best interest to keep tabs on someone who was their best pitcher just one year prior?

Maybe this is why Jeff Andrews was fired. Hopefully the new pitching coach will make sure Tom stops having hamburger eating contests with Matt Capps.

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