Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fun Times on Classic Gang Only

I'm going to do a little experiment here today ladies and gents. Part of my job is to be the man who interviews people to get a job at the good ole Hollister. To make people not as nervous pervis, we ask a few ice breaker questions to get them settled in and talking to get a better idea of their personalities. There is one question in particular that really gets them talking. So here today on Classic Gang Only I am going to ask you all that one amazing question.

Drum Roll Please....

If you could be any animal in the world what animal would you be and why?

Seems simple enough right? WRONG! I make them really explain themselves when answering you can't just say "UHHH a tiger cause they are cool." That's a lame answer. Really think that if you could be an animal what kind of animal would fit your personality. Like Stien for instance would be a gorilla. Not because he really looks like one (well he kind of does) but just for the simple fact that he is the most hairy mother fucker I have ever seen. Bice may be a panda bear because he is so cute and cuddly but he is still a bear and will literally rip your face off.

So you get the idea. I want everyone who reads this blog to post a comment saying what animal you would be any why. Get creative with your answers and don't be stupid and write something that you think is clever but it is really just annoying like "I would be crabs so I could hang out on vagina's all day!" That's not funny if you were really someones crabs you would only live a few days to live. Plus, in order to have crabs you would be on a dirty vagina and no one wants that. If you read it and don't write anything, Stien will come to your house and...

A. Punch you in the dick
B. Punch you in the vagina
C. Punch you in the vagina and dick if you are like Stien and have both the hog dog and the bun
D. Give you herpes while you sleep. (Yes he has it)

So let the games begin. Whoever has the best answer will get a prize (Understand that said prize will have no monetary or personal value. It will most likely be a second post saying "Good Job to ________ for the best answer!")

Have fun with this kids, it'll be a nice way to interact with your friends at Classic Gang Only!

p.s. make sure you leave your name with your comment so we can award you with the notoriety you will so deserve for being so clever.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Unlike the Pro Bowl, we don't stand a chance of getting blacked out in Hawaii this WEEKEND LINKAGE

Where to start, where to start with this one... Oh yeah, how about this???


I know, I know, it's cliched and over done by now, but seriously what other city can lay claim to having 6 Lombardi Trophies, and what other blog provides you with the best links to get you through the weekend???

That's what I thought, and here are the links to getting you through to the Pens game Sunday where they try to continue their winning ways of late against hated Marian Hossa (let your true feelings for him out in the COMMENTS) and the Detroit Red Wings in a rematch of last season's Lord Stanley's Cup Finals. (12:30 on the Peacock)

-Peyton Manning just got himself a trip down the Highway to Hell.

-The AFC's 2.5-point favorites in Sunday's Pro Bowl.

-Bill Gates tries to spread the love by spreading some Malaria... not really, but just read it.

-Andy Rooney might just have well burned his ticket.

-You can now pay for the privilege to watch Joe Buck be horrible.

-WDIV (Detroit's NBC affiliate) tells it like it is. And, NBC says "Oh no you di-hn't girl!".

-Tell us how you really feel Mike Patrick.

-A list of remaining MLB free agents. (Pirates fans need not take note)

-Could Screech make it in the WWE?

-Liar, liar, now Coach Urban's gonna make you pay!!!

-Be glad you don't goto Gannon.

-Goin' on down to Nats-Town.

-If you wondered what the NFL does with those shirts that said "AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens and Super Bowl Champion Arizona Cardinals," (like they should have even wasted their time and effort), but here's your enlightenment.

-And finally, you say nothing in life is free, right? Well, Denny's Restaurants proved us wrong earlier this week, and I'm about to share something with you to prove you wrong once again. There's this DJ from Pittsburgh you might have heard of in the past known as Girl Talk, and my friend had sent me a link a while back to download all the tracks to his latest works called "FEED THE ANIMALS." In my boredom from the joblessness, I took an hour and gave the tracks a listen, and I must say it's some pretty sweet stuff. So here's the link to download the tracks, and the great thing is it's free. It says to suggest a price, and you enter "0" in that price area, and when it asks why (it gives you options) just give whatever you feel like.