Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's bash the Buzzsaw known as the AZ Cards, so the Steelers get the Six-Pack Weekend Links

It's Super Bowl XLIII Weekend, and it's a case of a team expected to be there each season (Steelers) vs. a team that plays in a Championship Game say every 60-some years (Cardinals), and here's a variety of links to get you through the weekend to the big game Sunday night at 6:20 on NBC (pregame MUCH earlier in the day).

-Oh, there are so many betting scenarios during the Super Bowl.

-Speaking of bets, here's the traditional bet between politicians from the areas of the Super Bowl participants.

-Remember Duck Hunt on old school Nintendo? How about Cardinal Hunt?

-God's crying because he can't believe the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl either.

-You know the economy's gone to crap when Playboy cancels it's Super Bowl party.

-The PGH Trib plays What if? Coach Cheese-whiz coached the Steelers.

-At least they're being honest about the delay.

-The Steelers could complete the Six-pack this weekend, and find out if they get any more players enshrined in Canton.

-I know some people just watch for the commericals, but here's extra incentive for Steelers fans to watch the commercials. (and here's the original for comparison to your extra incentive.)

-PETA's Vegetables=Better sex commerical, will NOT be seen this Super Bowl. (NSFW)

-Well, disrespecting the Towel has put a hex on other teams in the past, and now the Cardinals can thank the mayor of Phoenix if they lose.

-Chris Berman= Character, integrity, and leadership... well the last parts true, I guess, since he works for the World Wide Leader??? (video that accompanies NSFW)

-Required reading for any TRUE Steelers fan.

-It truly is a Steeler Nation.

-Dick LeBeau IS The Terminator, "I'll Be Back..."

-Hope you didn't plan on eating dinner at Eat'N'Park right before kickoff Sunday.

-ESPN: The Magazine has a short piece on MLB and NFL teams that still haven't won the big one.

-Are young coaches the Flavor of the Week in the NFL?


-Tecmo Bowl PHX 28 PIT 24

-Rod Woodson says it'll be close, and Coach Mariucci says the last QB with the ball wins.

-The East Valley (Phoenix East Suburbs) Tribune says the Cards need at least 20 to win.

-Bill Cowher has a tough decision to make. But it shouldn't be that damn hard, just go with the team you won the ring with, screw Coach Cheese-whiz.

-President BHO picks the Steelers.

-An breakdown.

-Steelers fans have another reason to hate Terry Bradshaw again.

-And, for my prediction, I'm gonna go with the Steelers 27-21 victors completing their first six-pack of Super Bowl victories. Fitzgerald will get 1 TD, and James Harrison and Troy Polamalu will each have a play that makes you go WOW!

Finally, fear not Steelers fans that also enjoy The Office. WPXI-TV WILL show the post-Super Bowl episode, but it won't be seen until Midnight, because of the obvious Steeler Super Bowl coverage. (Warning: Link contains potential spoilers)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Time For a Super Prediction

The big game is coming up and I can hardly wait, just like the rest of Steeler nation. This is going to be a somewhat short post...quick and to the point.

I think that this game is going one of two ways. It's either going to be a blowout or a close game. I am sure you all think right now, "gee stein, a browns fan could have told me that" but most think that it will be a blowout in favor of the steelers. Here is my prediction on the game.

First, the steelers look like a solid team right now. They beat the chargers and got past a tough ravens team. Willie Parker looks to be healthy and back on track, while Hines Ward looks to be healthy as well. Big Ben hasn't turned over the ball in the playoffs which is a great sign. The O-line ran into some trouble against the ravens, but they had a tough defense so I can't say I was suprised. The Steelers D, however, looks great. They got turnovers when they needed them in the AFC title game, and with the exception of the ravens getting some good runs on us, I think the steelers shut them down for the most part. I'd say the steelers have an edge with having been to Super Bowl XL a few seasons ago.

Arizona on the other hand looks tough too. They may have the toughest offense we will see all year. Kurt Warner is a very solid QB with super bowl experience. Larry Fitzgerald is the best WR in the league right now. The cards got their running game going against the eagles in the NFC title game. I'd say they are most deadly through the air however with Steve Breaston and Anquan Boldin to compliment Fitz. On defense I can only think of a couple of guys though that are "stars" for them. They obviously have a solid D or they wouldn't be in the super bowl.

Here is where it gets tough. The Steelers have a great defense but haven't seen an offense like Arizona's all season. The cards have a great offense but haven't seen a defense like Pittsburgh's all year. Arizona was 9-7, just making the playoffs in a weak division. Pittsburgh was 12-4 winning their division with arguably the toughest schedule in the NFL. But like I said Pittsburgh has a bit of an edge with their experience.

I expect this to be a close game to a point. I think that Arizona will manage to get some big plays from their WR's, but I think the Steelers will shut down the run. Pittsburgh should have success running the ball, and if Ben is smart with the ball, he should make some big plays as well. I expect the Steelers D to come up with big plays too however and that will be the difference in this game. Overall though, it will be close until the final quarter or so.

Pittsburgh 24-17

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Whats With Ovie and Geno?

Whats with Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin. Anyone that follows the NHL knows about the ongoing rivalry between Alexander Ovechkin of the Capitals and Evgeni Malkin of the Penguins. But it was apparently resolved on Saturday night during the NHL's Super Skills competition. Geno and Ovie apparently have put their fued with one another aside. Acutally I would say that it must have been Ovie that put his fued with Malkin aside, being that he was the one trying to kill Malkin on every shift this season when they played. Regardless, from what I read it appeared that Ilya Kovalchuk of the Thrashers, who is also a russian, said they needed to get over it and that was it, everyone was friends again. This leads me to one of two theories. Either 1)Kovalchuk is one hell of peace maker. If that is the case he needs to be in politics bringing world peace and not in the NHL, or 2) maybe this was Ovechkin just being a jerk. Don't get me wrong, I like the way he plays and I like the fact that he is probably the most exciting player in the league but this all seems fishy to me. It just doesn't make sense that Ovechkin has hated Malkin for about a year or so and now they are buddy buddy again. It's too early to call this one, but stay tuned because I get the feeling more will come from this weekend in the coming days or weeks.

By the way, it was great to see Ovie do what he did in the super skills competition. Thats what this entire weekend is all about.

Here are some links to the stories...
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