Thursday, January 29, 2009

Let's bash the Buzzsaw known as the AZ Cards, so the Steelers get the Six-Pack Weekend Links

It's Super Bowl XLIII Weekend, and it's a case of a team expected to be there each season (Steelers) vs. a team that plays in a Championship Game say every 60-some years (Cardinals), and here's a variety of links to get you through the weekend to the big game Sunday night at 6:20 on NBC (pregame MUCH earlier in the day).

-Oh, there are so many betting scenarios during the Super Bowl.

-Speaking of bets, here's the traditional bet between politicians from the areas of the Super Bowl participants.

-Remember Duck Hunt on old school Nintendo? How about Cardinal Hunt?

-God's crying because he can't believe the Cardinals are in the Super Bowl either.

-You know the economy's gone to crap when Playboy cancels it's Super Bowl party.

-The PGH Trib plays What if? Coach Cheese-whiz coached the Steelers.

-At least they're being honest about the delay.

-The Steelers could complete the Six-pack this weekend, and find out if they get any more players enshrined in Canton.

-I know some people just watch for the commericals, but here's extra incentive for Steelers fans to watch the commercials. (and here's the original for comparison to your extra incentive.)

-PETA's Vegetables=Better sex commerical, will NOT be seen this Super Bowl. (NSFW)

-Well, disrespecting the Towel has put a hex on other teams in the past, and now the Cardinals can thank the mayor of Phoenix if they lose.

-Chris Berman= Character, integrity, and leadership... well the last parts true, I guess, since he works for the World Wide Leader??? (video that accompanies NSFW)

-Required reading for any TRUE Steelers fan.

-It truly is a Steeler Nation.

-Dick LeBeau IS The Terminator, "I'll Be Back..."

-Hope you didn't plan on eating dinner at Eat'N'Park right before kickoff Sunday.

-ESPN: The Magazine has a short piece on MLB and NFL teams that still haven't won the big one.

-Are young coaches the Flavor of the Week in the NFL?


-Tecmo Bowl PHX 28 PIT 24

-Rod Woodson says it'll be close, and Coach Mariucci says the last QB with the ball wins.

-The East Valley (Phoenix East Suburbs) Tribune says the Cards need at least 20 to win.

-Bill Cowher has a tough decision to make. But it shouldn't be that damn hard, just go with the team you won the ring with, screw Coach Cheese-whiz.

-President BHO picks the Steelers.

-An breakdown.

-Steelers fans have another reason to hate Terry Bradshaw again.

-And, for my prediction, I'm gonna go with the Steelers 27-21 victors completing their first six-pack of Super Bowl victories. Fitzgerald will get 1 TD, and James Harrison and Troy Polamalu will each have a play that makes you go WOW!

Finally, fear not Steelers fans that also enjoy The Office. WPXI-TV WILL show the post-Super Bowl episode, but it won't be seen until Midnight, because of the obvious Steeler Super Bowl coverage. (Warning: Link contains potential spoilers)

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