Friday, December 26, 2008

Xbox/Microsoft can suck it and UFC 92

Now by most accounts I'm a pretty laid back guy. I know I can be quite bitter at times but generally I don't get angry, unless the Steelers/Florida State lose and so on....

However, that all changed when my Xbox 360 recently decided to take a shit on me.

Here's what happened. Something with my AV connection is no longer working, I'm getting audio but no video. Thinking it was the cables a friend of mine (yes bice I do have friends) let me borrow his. Low and behold that wasn't the problem.

So I placed a call to xbox and they told me that I needed to send it in for repairs. Oh okay no big deal till those fagglers told me I had to pay $100 bucks to send it in. Immediately, my built in bullshit detector went off and mine has a pretty accute sense.

I say to the customer service rep, "Why should I pay $100 for something that isn't my fault?" This is because my warranty ran out in September and it's not that red ring of whatever problem (that's why they extended the warranty). The "technician" then goes to ask her supervisor to waive the $100.

I wait about five minutes and the "technician" says the supervisor says they can't waive the $100 because the warranty ran out.

By this time, I'm livid. Xbox has a track record of shoddy equipment (red ring of death, the dvd player going to hell). I didn't have time to argue with the supervisor because I had some stuff to do but I plan on contacting them soon and I will update you all on what happens.

I'm about this close (bice pulling down his pants close) to selling off all my xbox shit and getting a playstation 3. Hell, my PS2 is eight years old and works just fine. Cheap ass xbox dicks can't stand by their own shitty product.

In other musings, UFC 92 is tomorrow and you all better watch. On paper, this is the best fight card the UFC has produced this year. Two title fights, Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans for the light heavyweight title, Minotauro Nogueira (my favorite fighter) vs. Frank Mir for the "interim" heavyweight title and a good old-fashioned grudge match between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Wanderlei Silva III.

The winner of the Nog/Mir fight is expected to fight Brock Lesnar (a.k.a. Cock Chestnar).

Notice how his tatoo looks like a penis. Aren't I clever?

In the past two fights, Mr. Silva has put old Rampage to sleep....violently and both fighters have an immense dislike for one another.

Yeah....that's what happened the last time they fought.

My main card predictions: Evans unaminous decison over Griffin, Nogueira third round tko over Mir and Silva third round ko over Rampage, Chieck Kongo second round ko over Mustapha Al-Turk and Mike Massenzio second round submission over C.B. Dollaway.

This is it for now....I'll be back with some BCS/NFL playoff predictions. Hope everyone had a good Christmas.