Friday, February 20, 2009

Somethin's Gettin Busted But It Ain't No Brackets This WEEKEND Links

So before Photo Shop became the accepted standard for doctoring with photos, or the fact that when I was in high school back in the day I didn't know what Photo Shop was, there was Microsoft Paint. Why open with that? Well this first story we're gonna talk about needed a picture to demonstrate how the situation might have looked, and Huha the Jobless doesn't have Photo Shop and this was the best picture I could find of the actual situation, so I went pre-historic and played with Paint. GOD I FEEL LIKE PEREZ HILTON RIGHT NOW!!!

-Out in the land of Coors, it appears one of the disguises for a robbery happens to be putting a thong over your head. Hmm, that seems to be a really great disguise (NOT!). Now, I really shouldn't be making a joke about a robbery, especially since the store clerk did get a broken jaw. But, how STUPID are you that you wear a thong on your head as a disguise!!! I mean the face is still gonna be picked up on the store's camera, and at least the Alarm Clock was smarter than that. Those boys ain't right, and I don't know if it has anything to do with that Rocky Mountain High.

-So we've all stayed at a hotel at some point in our lives, right? Have you ever wondered how clean it actually is in the room? Well, if you read the front page of Yahoo! earlier in the week, then you found out. Germaphobes might be more worried than ever after reading that, and what is cleaner now exactly? Robbie Alomar, Danica's lower back in the swimsuit issue, or that Days Inn that you're hitting up in Panama City.

-Spring training kicked into full swing this week, and one of the hot topics, besides the new McClouth contract, are "the Million Dollar arms" (it's an Indian take on Idol, except it's baseball) that the Buccos signed during the offseason. There's been a media blitz at Camp Bradenton, which is finally bringing some sort of attention to the baseball black and gold. Let me say this, if these boys turn out good, the Buccos look like total geniuses, but if not, then the old saying "you can't rub a turd into a diamond" will still ring true. These boys are already drinking the Kool-Aid, and if you want more of the proverbial Kool-Aid, former Beaver County Times beat writer John Perrotto provides it to you, which has upset at least one other person so far.

By the way, the TV schedule was released Friday, and includes 125 regular season games on FSN, but look closely at the schedule, and notice the layout of TV games. Pretty top-heavy at the beginning of the season, but look at September, hmm wonder what they'll do if the Pirates turn out like Tampa Bay last season...

-Finally, I apologize for this week's not being as long as our true series premiere last week, but I didn't think as much was interesting this week, except maybe this little humdinger of a story, and you've all read some story about Skippy earlier in the week.


Til next weekend friends.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Penguins Trade Rumors...UPDATED

Anyone that is a hockey fan knows that this time of year is exciting, especially heading to the playoffs to see who will land where and what the biggest deal will be. It's trade deadline time and the Penguins are involved in several rumors. The biggest one I am seeing right now is the Malkin to Atlanta for Kovalchuk trade. I hate this rumor and I hope the Pens don't get rid of Malkin, but its very early to tell and as I said, this is just a rumor. I will have a list of more sites listed at the bottom of the page with more rumors but for now just let me say this. If you trade Malkin, the team's leading scorer, you lose the fan base. I don't care if you clone Mario Lemieux it's not a good idea...actually that would be pretty sweet, but the point is that Malkin is leading the league in scoring and is one of the Pens' great young players. Geno may end up being better than Bing when this is all said and done, but to me if you trade away a talent like that who clearly has better days ahead, it spells disaster. Now on to the rumors and please keep in mind that the validity of these rumors is unknown at this point....just rumors.

Fan House is reporting that Nik Antropov could be headed to the Pens and could Colby and Kovalchuk become Pens as well?

NESN is saying that Martin St. Louis could be headed to Pittsburgh.

The Hockey News is also reporting the St. Louis to Pittsburgh deal.

The Sporting News is saying Colby could be coming back to the burgh.

The Columbus Dispatch has a blog and although its from a month ago, could Stall be headed to Columbus? is reporting the Malkin for Kovalchuk rumor

Also remember that March 4th is the trade deadline...3pm to be exact. So it is fast approaching.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Will The Pens Make The Playoffs?

The question that plagues us all as Pittsburghers and Pens fans alike. Will they turn it on over the next two months and squeak their way in to the playoffs? Simple answer is, I have no effing clue. I don't know what to think of our beloved Penguins. I made a post before the season started saying how there should be no reason why the Pens shouldn't repeat as Eastern Conference Champs. Now I feel like a dumbass thanks to how this team has been playing all season. I think in the long run getting rid of Therrien was a good call. He was not well liked by his team, he has the personality of a wet mop, he gave his team no identity, and frankly he was a C+ B- coach. We need someone who is going to first get the defence in order. The D is slow, lazy, and mistake ridden. We need someone who is a motivator and a likable personalty. Someone who is going to get on the ice during practice and get down to the nitty gritty with these players. We need an identity as a team. When you hear New Jersey Devils, you think the Neutral Zone Trap. That is an identity. The Pens don't have one. We need a coach who will not shift lines every game to try to generate offence. Doing that nonsense will never build team chemistry. We need... Badger Bob Johnson. Not literally because of course he passed away many years ago but you get the idea. He is the type of guy we need. That is step one to getting this team back on track.

Step two is getting rid of Ryan Whitney. The man is a cancer on this team. Everyone blows him like he is the best defensive and offensive player we have. To everyone Ryan Whitney is simply amazing. Still, the only thing good specifically that anyone says about him is "man, he always has his eyes up when he brings the puck up on the rush." So that one good trait makes him an all-star. Are you fucking kidding me? He gives the puck up at least 5-10 times a game, half of those, sometimes more, are in his own zone. He never stays with his man. For a big guy he lacks physical play. One of his jobs as a blue liner on the Power Play is to keep the puck in, and he seems to not even be able to do that. Just watch him for an entire game, count the number of things he does well and count the number of things he does wrong. I can guarantee you the bad outweighs the good significantly. I know this because I have done it many times before. He has a good game though every now and then, but that is not what we need. If it was a bad game every now and then that would be fine everyone has rough games. Not a rough two seasons in a row while you are taking up 5 million in salary cap. Plus did you ever see the guy in an interview he's a dick. I know a few people who know him personally and say the same thing. He's an asshole. Get rid of Ryan Shitney and Miro Shitan and pick up a goal scorer for Sidney. Just watch at the end of this video at Whitney, what a douche bag.

So will the Pens make the playoffs? Chime in on comments if you think one way or the other. Lets hope they slip in and turn it on during the playoffs and make a run for it and my post from before the start of the season will be correct.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Bucco's Are Coming...

Don't look now Pirate fans, but the season is just around the corner. In fact, the Pirates first spring training game is set for early next week against the Minnesota Twins, so gear up for another season of baseball in the burgh!

This isn't really a season preview, but I like to give my opinion about the old Bucs. As most know, just like Bice, I am very pessimisstic when it comes to the Buccos. Don't get me wrong, I like going to games, I like the team, and I really, really hope they do well. But I am somewhat of a realist when it comes to the Pirates and I like others, realize that the direction of this team will not change until ownership changes. And when I say change, I don't mean Bob Nutting wakes up one day and isn't a greedy bastard and decides the good people of Pittsburgh deserve a winner. I mean a new owner must take over the reigns of the club. I do feel like their is a little bit of hope with Frank Coonely and Neal Huntington running the operations though. It's just a wait and see situation.

Now on to this season. I think the Buccos will do worse than last year. With two LaRoche's on your team, you are almost asking for a loser. The pitching staff/bullpen are still very questionable. The only positive is that the position players coming back; Nasty Nate, Freddy, Doumit and Jack Flash are a positive. I say they win 65 games this year. Even if they prove me wrong, I don't think they win any more than 70 games. With this type of lineup I just don't see it any other way.

Also....I was thinking that since the Buccos are so horrible and haven't won in so long, what is it that keeps the fans interested? Individual performances from our star players? We don't have many, but it does keep fans interested. Don't tell me for one second that you didn't pull for Freddy when he was chasing a batting title in 2006 or that you didn't want Nate to have a career year last season, which he did. I always hoped Jason Bay would be closing in on 40 homers at the end of the season so you had some interest in the club. I guess we can only hope that Nate wins another Gold Glove and somehow Freddy manages to win another batting title. I can only hope.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Penguins Fire Therrien

As most already know, the Pittsburgh Penguins fired Head Coach Michel Therrien. They have brought in Dan Bylsma to try and right the ship at least until the end of the season. For the most part the Pens coaching staff remains in place. We'll get a quick look at the new guy when the Pens play today at 2pm.

It is hard for me to come to a decision on this change. I probably won't like most other things and then just agree with the experts that sound smart down the road. But I do think that there is somthing that shouldn't be lost in all of this. Here is my take.

Obviously the Pens were struggeling this season. Not having Gonchar and Whitney for half the season proved to be a negative. Take the top two defenceman from any team and they will have issues. The other thing in all of this however was that the Penguins clearly weren't the same after last season losing some key players and not getting Hossa back either. Therrien I feel was a very solid coach. But it's also tough when a guy like Satan and Sykora are supposed to be "finishers" and they are struggeling. I do think he was especially good with a team full of young players like the Penguins. Therrien's downfall though was the fact that he shuffled lines too much and was maybe too defence minded for a team with so many young talented players. Overall I think for the most part, Therrien's tenure with the Penguins will be considered a success, but this season may be remembered for his failure after coaching them to the Stanley Cup Finals last year. Overall the reason Therrien got fired, wasn't because of the team's struggles, but that they simply didn't believe in his theories and style anymore. When Therrien was first hired, everyone bought into the fact that defence would be the way to win and it was his way or the hi-way. That maybe was somthing that this team didn't want to buy into anymore with the struggles of the season. No matter what though, Therrien will be remembered for the guy that helped turn this team around and we should be grateful for that. He was the right guy at the right time for this team back in 2005-2006.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why does Taylor Swift have such a weird face?

Has anyone else noticed that Taylor Swift looks like an alien? Either that or a fourty year old woman trapped in a 17 year-olds body. Its not that she's hideous or anything, its just that she's awkward looking. Like, I'm sure Bones would still give her the business....... Does anyone here agree with me?