Thursday, February 19, 2009

Penguins Trade Rumors...UPDATED

Anyone that is a hockey fan knows that this time of year is exciting, especially heading to the playoffs to see who will land where and what the biggest deal will be. It's trade deadline time and the Penguins are involved in several rumors. The biggest one I am seeing right now is the Malkin to Atlanta for Kovalchuk trade. I hate this rumor and I hope the Pens don't get rid of Malkin, but its very early to tell and as I said, this is just a rumor. I will have a list of more sites listed at the bottom of the page with more rumors but for now just let me say this. If you trade Malkin, the team's leading scorer, you lose the fan base. I don't care if you clone Mario Lemieux it's not a good idea...actually that would be pretty sweet, but the point is that Malkin is leading the league in scoring and is one of the Pens' great young players. Geno may end up being better than Bing when this is all said and done, but to me if you trade away a talent like that who clearly has better days ahead, it spells disaster. Now on to the rumors and please keep in mind that the validity of these rumors is unknown at this point....just rumors.

Fan House is reporting that Nik Antropov could be headed to the Pens and could Colby and Kovalchuk become Pens as well?

NESN is saying that Martin St. Louis could be headed to Pittsburgh.

The Hockey News is also reporting the St. Louis to Pittsburgh deal.

The Sporting News is saying Colby could be coming back to the burgh.

The Columbus Dispatch has a blog and although its from a month ago, could Stall be headed to Columbus? is reporting the Malkin for Kovalchuk rumor

Also remember that March 4th is the trade deadline...3pm to be exact. So it is fast approaching.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you'd like to cite where you're "seeing" the Malkin rumor?

Frank said...

Unwritten rule #1 - never listen to anything Eklund says on hockeybuzz.