Saturday, November 22, 2008

College Football's Perfect Solution

We all know that college football needs to have a playoff system. But exactly how should that playoff system work? How many teams would be involved? Well here is my take on what should happen. I think it really would work too.

The first thing that would need to be done, would be for the season to be shortened to 10 games. I think people may think that this is too short, but when you think about it, most college football programs only play about 8 games against teams that are any good. This would eliminate the games against teams from Division I-A that play up. So you would be forced to actually play a decent opponent through the season. You would probably play 8 games against your conference and then play 2 games against non-conference opponents.

So now that we have our 10 game regular season, how do you figure out the playoffs? It's really simple. Take the top 16 teams in the country and be sure to include teams that are unbeaten in this too. It is possible that if you are a team like Utah State or somthing like that you may get left out, but these teams know if they have a legitimate shot at a national championship anyway, so they should schedule against tougher teams so they don't get left outside the top 16. Now for the playoff format.

What would be the best way to do a playoff and still include the major bowl games? It's simple. In the first round you would have the No. 1 team in the country play the No. 16 team in the country and so on. The first round of these games would be in neutral locations. So if you had Pitt playing WVU then maybe the game would be in State College or Baltimore or somthing like that. Remeber it has too be fair. In the next round the final 8 teams would play their 4 games at sites of major bowls. These games would take place at the locations for the Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar Bowls. This would be the best way to keep the major bowls around and still have a playoff. Then of course you would have the National Championship game at a neutral location as well. I don't know if a special stadium would be built for it or if it would be a thing like they do with the Super Bowl and pick a location at the beginning of the season to play it. Either way it would be exciting.

The remaining teams that missed the playoffs would take part in bowl games that would happen around the playoffs. More than likely that wouldn't happen, but it would still mean money for the other schools and bowls that missed the playoff.

Overall it is a good idea. I think it may be the best idea I have heard yet. The bottom line is that a playoff in college football is somthing that we are all hoping for, but won't happen because of the money involved in it for the NCAA. But you can always hope for a better solution...right?