Friday, February 13, 2009

First Friday the 13th of the Year AND V-Day WEEKEND LINKS

Welcome to the start of another weekend, I'm Huha with your weekend links.

If you've been following the past few weeks, you know that I open up with a little ditty like this, then just list the links I think you should take the time to look at over the weekend. Well, we're gonna switch up the format a little bit this weekend, and you can let me know how you feel about the changes in the COMMENTS or by leaving the flaming bag of poo on my porch, ringing the doorbell, and running away.


-We start off this week in Sussex, England, and if you've seen the photo at the top, then you know where I'm headed with this. No, that boy is not looking after his little sister, it's his daughter. He's 13, the MUM (they're British you know) is 15. This just seems so wrong on so many levels. I have a cousin right around his age, and I can't imagine him going out and having a kid. This situation is messed up, but it's still not as messed up as the Angelina-wanna-be out in Cali that just had the Octuplets. I mean seriously here, you have 6 kids ALREADY, and you struggle to take care of them financially, then you get some wacko doctor to give you invitro, so you can have more joy into the world. No problem here though, as Octuplet-mommy has now launched a website for you to donate and help raise those kids. Someone's ending up at the shrink when they're older.

-Bice used to contribute these incredibly funny articles for The Clarion Call a few years ago, which it would be nice if I could still find them online to post as an example here. But anyways, he wrote this one article about the Greek system, and I kind of thought of it when I came upon more fun stuff from jolly-old England. It seems people are shocked and aghast at the fact that initiation to secret societies is bizarre and so out-landish, but there's been movies made to glorify this, so it's really not so secret. Come on people, this stuffs been going on for hundreds of years, and what guy wouldn't mind some random girl at the DIX party (sorry Bicey, had to use that one) coming up and kissing you. If it's worth it to act a fool to get those friends, then by all means you can do it that way. I'll just stand by and laugh.

-The Golf Channel of all places seems to be the bastion for controversial comments early on in the year, now each of the past 2 years. Last January, Kelly Tilghman said something along the lines of the younger players would need to gang up on Tiger Woods and lynch him in a back alley, just so they'd be able to win tournaments.
Hell, she's friends with Tiger, and he saw no ill intent with what she said. But boom, some activists come out, and she's put in the sin-bin for 2 weeks.
Let's fast-forward to within the past few weeks, Andrew McGee was doing a back-and-forth with Gary McCord (who's gotten himself in trouble in the past at The Masters), when McGee made a comment about a t-shirt he saw. Now, Judge Smails and his buddies down at Bushwood, must've seen this broadcast, because Golf Channel sure heard about it through the message boards and e-mails, and have now suspended McGee for a week.
The comment you ask? 'I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a brownie.'
There has to be some other underlying reason why he's suspended, because you have to be a total prude to suspend somebody over that, he really could've said far worse.

-People always liked to joke when I attended Clarion that I'd probably never graduate, but after 6-some years, I finally thought it was time to end the Van Wilder (minus the golf cart) act, and face the real world. Now, it hasn't taken many people longer to finish their undergrad, but somebody made me feel really good about myself this past week. Former Dallas Cowgirls QB and current FOX analyst Troy Aikman is finally graduating this May from UCLA, after (get this) 20+ years. Now, I really should joke about this here, but he had 2 great underlying reasons to leave when he did, and come back now:
1) He was going to the NFL, where he'd make an incredible amount of money.
2) He promised his mother he'd eventually return to finish his degree, and he was only 2 classes short of graduation at the time.
Now for the funny part of this. I know Troy was a part of the 1990s Dallas football teams, but come on, he never had any time over the summer to somehow finish those 2 classes? There's people I've known, and myself, that have used those summer classes to make stuff up, or finish off degrees. Seriously, what the heck is he doing in the off-seasons that he couldn't have finished it up like maybe 15-18 years ago??? At least 20 years is better than never graduating at all.

-And finally, if you watched ESPN or MLB Network (my new drug) at any point within the past week, you know that Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs during his time with the Texas Rangers. As soon as I had found this out last Saturday, one of the first thoughts to come to my head was: "Who will be the first person to call him A-Roid, or will some PA announcer, the one at Fenway for instance, say 'To the plate, the third baseman, Alex Roid-riguez, Roid-riguez'" Well, I found this shirt online, and while MLB would never approve, you know you will see shirts just like it at ballyards all across the country this summer. It's a shirt I'd definitely buy, especially since I hated him since he went to the Yankees, and now even more that he cheated to give himself some sort of competitive edge. Hey at least we know none of the Pirates shoot up. (By the way, here's WHYGAV's Bucco's Season Preview)


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can I tell you how much it sucks....

This is probaby me in 3 weeks.

to not have a real job? Well, I'm going to tell you. Really bad. Not that you have a job either with the way the economy is. I guess I should be happy that I have a wonderful Pizza Place to work at.

The other day, my manger told me that I was a terrible and needed more training. This was during a conversation that he and the driver were having about how foreigners are better workers than Americans. Being one, of only two, Americans who work there, this really pissed me off.

First of all, I am not a terrible worker. I rarely make mistakes, nobody ever sends their food back that I made saying it was terrible, and in general I'm nice to customers who don't deserve it. Not that I care about being a good worker in a fucking pizza shop, but I don't find it really constructive for someone to tell me I suck.

I'm also tried of not getting jobs that I'd actually be good at and then seeing that douchebag kids, fresh out of college, are the ones who would actually be interviewing me. It just goes to show, its not what you know, its who you know. Lame.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A-Rod Used (Who Cares?)

So I watched ESPN for about 20 minutes and I swear to God I've heard A-Rod say "Loosey Goosey" 300 times during that period. So he used steroids. Who cares? He lied about it too. Is anyone surprised? Everyone used steroids. It's a boring topic. It's as overused as ESPN's coverage of TO, Barry Bonds, Red Sox/Yankees, and Scott Van Pelt. Find something new to talk about. The End.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The Steelers came out on top this season with the Lombardi trophy and the celebration has not yet stopped in Pittsburgh or should I say SIXBURGH. I am not going to rub it in anymore that we won the superbowl here in Pittsburgh or that we just broke an NFL record by earning the most superbowl victories or that we have been coined Sixburgh or that we are on our way to the stairway to 7 ...okay okay I am done. I just know that in 2009- 10 season if you have heard already, Pittsburgh's going to the

So enough with that I want to focus on next year for the Pittsburgh Steelers, i know you are all going to say, "it's to early!" Umm, no it's not because if you haven't notice the next thing up on sports in the burgh is our beloved Pirates. So it is never to early. Getting back to the Steelers, this coming season let's start with where our focus as fans was at the beginning of this season , the schedule. The Steelers go from having one the hardest schedules in NFL history and becoming superbowl champions to having on of the most favorable schedules and having a chance to repeat as superbowl champions. The schedule with consist of playing our own division twice, which is never really a challenge. Then we have to go and play the AFC west, which was considered the worst division in the AFC this year if not one of the worst in all of football. The next stop for the Steelers is the NFC North. This is the division that consist of one the of the worst teams in NFL history , the Detroit Lions. It also features a team that all they can do is run the football, Minnesota Vikings, the Philadelphia Eagles, who always play us tough to try to try and use that as their turning point in their season, and finally the Chicago Bears, who offensively struggle more then Stein trying to get laid in Butler. So there you have it , by now you have read this and are already thinking we went from playing the NFL toughest schedule to playing one of the NFL easiest schedules (esp. for a superbowl champ).

Now it is time to talk about players and contracts, now I will not go over all of them, but I will go over most of them in general. The O - Line, now we have Marvel Smith up and he is either going to have to take a hometown discount or retire from football because looking at his robotic back and knees I don't know anyone who will pay him tons of money. We also have Kemoeatu up and he shouldn't be hard to sign , this guy is an ox and as smart of one too. So I think he will be happy just making some money and playing football and not having to find a normal 8 to 4 job. The rest of our O - Line whomever is left to sum it up they got better as the year went on and this is one place where chemistry and play together is key, but I don't think we have to worry about anyone trying to steal any of them. I mean would you pay any of them any more money for thier performance?

Let's talk key position players, guys who tend to see the ball more. Ben is locked up and our running back situation is looking good no one their is getting any more money unless is Mewelde Moore, who glues that backfield together due to injuries. I can see one thing happeing in about a year from now and that is if Parker can't stay healthy and prove his worth to this team I can see us letting him go and not re - signing him. I have a feeling he is going to want his money, since he was playing off his rookie free - agent contract. I would have to agree with this move, we do have Moore, who is a good blocker, runner, and pass catcher. We also did draft a stud in Mendenhall. The backups are so bad either and they are cheap. Moving on to recievers, Ward will stay he bleeds black and gold and he already got his big contract. The one we are going to have worry about is Holmes and he has earned it. He will be coming off his rookie contract and off his superb playoff run as Superbowl MVP. Washington will be easy to lock up a nice slot reciever and our tight ends are money hungry Miller is a blue collar happy to be where he is kind of guy.

Now for the defense, where it could get ugly , but with Dick and co. we always find a way to make it work and fill all the holes. Starting with the D - Line where we are getting kind of old and will probably look to draft some youth. We will have Kiesel 's contract coming up soon and as long as we treat him right he will stay. This guy is a Redneck in all his glory, money is not a priority to him, respect and fairness is. Hampton, he has already got paid once so we should be able to lure him back with decent money, and tell him with age and weight we will pay for his Wilford Brimley sessions to keep away diabetes. Moving on to linebackers where we are young and talented thanks to a nice draft a couple of years ago. Woodley and Timmons locked up and if Farrior decides he wants more money then see you later and will Timmons come on down and take that position. He is ready and will not disappoint. Harrison now I think he is up in a year or two and he may want some money due to the fact he has never been paid, but cut about 5 times. Yes, he is older, but there is a lot of tread on those tires with one hell of a HEMI motor, let just hope the transmission didn't come from Dodge. ( Bones will know what I mean) Finally, the secondary, this is an area where the Steelers are improving for the first time in years. Taylor is locked up and if Deshea wants money then see you later you already got your from us. We will give a nice long term contract to B- MAC and we will not miss a beat cause William Gay a.k.a Lil Jon will fill his position upon his rookie contract. Safties, we are lookning good Clark, Troy, T- Carter are good to go. The only thing that is scary is I don't see much more football coming out of Troy due to the fact that he doesn't see football as a way of life. He see much more to life then a career in the NFL. I am hoping we can get one more stint out of him. Lets all pray for that one. The last thing is Anthony Smith, yeah that trash talking retard that hasn't done shit. His contract is up and who cares. If he wants to play sign him , if he wants more money screw him. He has been nothing, but a waste of a draft pick.

In closing our coaches are safe, no one is taking Ariens and why would you. Lebeau said he is coming back and that is all that matters cause Tomlin is still in charge and ready to go back to work. Don't expect a let down with this team because of Tomlin these guys will be back to work as early as any other team. They will not be getting any breaks or tea times. Tomlin is a guy that expects to win and get no rewards in return. The only reweard that has any meaning to him is the one, that we already have six of. I really think this team has the chance to do something special and go back to the playoffs to make another run at the Lombardi trophy. As long as we can stay healthy I think we are already taking the first step up that stairway to seven.