Friday, February 13, 2009

First Friday the 13th of the Year AND V-Day WEEKEND LINKS

Welcome to the start of another weekend, I'm Huha with your weekend links.

If you've been following the past few weeks, you know that I open up with a little ditty like this, then just list the links I think you should take the time to look at over the weekend. Well, we're gonna switch up the format a little bit this weekend, and you can let me know how you feel about the changes in the COMMENTS or by leaving the flaming bag of poo on my porch, ringing the doorbell, and running away.


-We start off this week in Sussex, England, and if you've seen the photo at the top, then you know where I'm headed with this. No, that boy is not looking after his little sister, it's his daughter. He's 13, the MUM (they're British you know) is 15. This just seems so wrong on so many levels. I have a cousin right around his age, and I can't imagine him going out and having a kid. This situation is messed up, but it's still not as messed up as the Angelina-wanna-be out in Cali that just had the Octuplets. I mean seriously here, you have 6 kids ALREADY, and you struggle to take care of them financially, then you get some wacko doctor to give you invitro, so you can have more joy into the world. No problem here though, as Octuplet-mommy has now launched a website for you to donate and help raise those kids. Someone's ending up at the shrink when they're older.

-Bice used to contribute these incredibly funny articles for The Clarion Call a few years ago, which it would be nice if I could still find them online to post as an example here. But anyways, he wrote this one article about the Greek system, and I kind of thought of it when I came upon more fun stuff from jolly-old England. It seems people are shocked and aghast at the fact that initiation to secret societies is bizarre and so out-landish, but there's been movies made to glorify this, so it's really not so secret. Come on people, this stuffs been going on for hundreds of years, and what guy wouldn't mind some random girl at the DIX party (sorry Bicey, had to use that one) coming up and kissing you. If it's worth it to act a fool to get those friends, then by all means you can do it that way. I'll just stand by and laugh.

-The Golf Channel of all places seems to be the bastion for controversial comments early on in the year, now each of the past 2 years. Last January, Kelly Tilghman said something along the lines of the younger players would need to gang up on Tiger Woods and lynch him in a back alley, just so they'd be able to win tournaments.
Hell, she's friends with Tiger, and he saw no ill intent with what she said. But boom, some activists come out, and she's put in the sin-bin for 2 weeks.
Let's fast-forward to within the past few weeks, Andrew McGee was doing a back-and-forth with Gary McCord (who's gotten himself in trouble in the past at The Masters), when McGee made a comment about a t-shirt he saw. Now, Judge Smails and his buddies down at Bushwood, must've seen this broadcast, because Golf Channel sure heard about it through the message boards and e-mails, and have now suspended McGee for a week.
The comment you ask? 'I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a brownie.'
There has to be some other underlying reason why he's suspended, because you have to be a total prude to suspend somebody over that, he really could've said far worse.

-People always liked to joke when I attended Clarion that I'd probably never graduate, but after 6-some years, I finally thought it was time to end the Van Wilder (minus the golf cart) act, and face the real world. Now, it hasn't taken many people longer to finish their undergrad, but somebody made me feel really good about myself this past week. Former Dallas Cowgirls QB and current FOX analyst Troy Aikman is finally graduating this May from UCLA, after (get this) 20+ years. Now, I really should joke about this here, but he had 2 great underlying reasons to leave when he did, and come back now:
1) He was going to the NFL, where he'd make an incredible amount of money.
2) He promised his mother he'd eventually return to finish his degree, and he was only 2 classes short of graduation at the time.
Now for the funny part of this. I know Troy was a part of the 1990s Dallas football teams, but come on, he never had any time over the summer to somehow finish those 2 classes? There's people I've known, and myself, that have used those summer classes to make stuff up, or finish off degrees. Seriously, what the heck is he doing in the off-seasons that he couldn't have finished it up like maybe 15-18 years ago??? At least 20 years is better than never graduating at all.

-And finally, if you watched ESPN or MLB Network (my new drug) at any point within the past week, you know that Alex Rodriguez used performance-enhancing drugs during his time with the Texas Rangers. As soon as I had found this out last Saturday, one of the first thoughts to come to my head was: "Who will be the first person to call him A-Roid, or will some PA announcer, the one at Fenway for instance, say 'To the plate, the third baseman, Alex Roid-riguez, Roid-riguez'" Well, I found this shirt online, and while MLB would never approve, you know you will see shirts just like it at ballyards all across the country this summer. It's a shirt I'd definitely buy, especially since I hated him since he went to the Yankees, and now even more that he cheated to give himself some sort of competitive edge. Hey at least we know none of the Pirates shoot up. (By the way, here's WHYGAV's Bucco's Season Preview)


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