Friday, February 20, 2009

Somethin's Gettin Busted But It Ain't No Brackets This WEEKEND Links

So before Photo Shop became the accepted standard for doctoring with photos, or the fact that when I was in high school back in the day I didn't know what Photo Shop was, there was Microsoft Paint. Why open with that? Well this first story we're gonna talk about needed a picture to demonstrate how the situation might have looked, and Huha the Jobless doesn't have Photo Shop and this was the best picture I could find of the actual situation, so I went pre-historic and played with Paint. GOD I FEEL LIKE PEREZ HILTON RIGHT NOW!!!

-Out in the land of Coors, it appears one of the disguises for a robbery happens to be putting a thong over your head. Hmm, that seems to be a really great disguise (NOT!). Now, I really shouldn't be making a joke about a robbery, especially since the store clerk did get a broken jaw. But, how STUPID are you that you wear a thong on your head as a disguise!!! I mean the face is still gonna be picked up on the store's camera, and at least the Alarm Clock was smarter than that. Those boys ain't right, and I don't know if it has anything to do with that Rocky Mountain High.

-So we've all stayed at a hotel at some point in our lives, right? Have you ever wondered how clean it actually is in the room? Well, if you read the front page of Yahoo! earlier in the week, then you found out. Germaphobes might be more worried than ever after reading that, and what is cleaner now exactly? Robbie Alomar, Danica's lower back in the swimsuit issue, or that Days Inn that you're hitting up in Panama City.

-Spring training kicked into full swing this week, and one of the hot topics, besides the new McClouth contract, are "the Million Dollar arms" (it's an Indian take on Idol, except it's baseball) that the Buccos signed during the offseason. There's been a media blitz at Camp Bradenton, which is finally bringing some sort of attention to the baseball black and gold. Let me say this, if these boys turn out good, the Buccos look like total geniuses, but if not, then the old saying "you can't rub a turd into a diamond" will still ring true. These boys are already drinking the Kool-Aid, and if you want more of the proverbial Kool-Aid, former Beaver County Times beat writer John Perrotto provides it to you, which has upset at least one other person so far.

By the way, the TV schedule was released Friday, and includes 125 regular season games on FSN, but look closely at the schedule, and notice the layout of TV games. Pretty top-heavy at the beginning of the season, but look at September, hmm wonder what they'll do if the Pirates turn out like Tampa Bay last season...

-Finally, I apologize for this week's not being as long as our true series premiere last week, but I didn't think as much was interesting this week, except maybe this little humdinger of a story, and you've all read some story about Skippy earlier in the week.


Til next weekend friends.

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