Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marc-Andre Failure!

Insert Gay Joke Here

Since I live in Boston now I don't get to see many Penguins games, so imagine my delight when I turned on the TV and saw they were on NBC. When I first tuned in the score was 3-2 Capitals. Not too bad. With the fire power the Pens have they should be able to tie it up in no time, right? Now imagine my horror as I watched the Capitals reel off two straight goals on the seemingly retarded Marc-Andre Fleury. His problem is, and always has been that he doesn't make the easy saves he should. Sure he makes ridiculously tough ones alot of the time but if you can't stop the gimmes then what does it matter? Now you may argue, "Well What about the playoffs? He was awesome!" That may be so but being good in the playoffs doesn't mean shit if you can't get there. Dammit Fleury! Get your head in the game!

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Brad said...

I still can't believe I was bumped from your blogroll