Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I am at work and since my job is not fun right now, I see no other way to be productive other then to write to you all and let you know what is new and going on here in Pittsburgh.

NFL free agency starts tonight at 12:01 am and what does that mean for the Steelers. Well there is good and bad news to come. Unrestricted free agents for us are: QB Charlie Batch,P Mitch Berger ,CB Fernando Bryant,
OT Trai Essex ,LB Keyaron Fox, LB Andre Frazier ,LB Arnold Harrison ,G Chris Kemoeatu ,QB Byron Leftwich, CB Bryant McFadden ,OT Marvel Smith ,DE Orpheus Roye, and WR Nate Washington

So here is my quick take on our unrestricted free agents:

Batch should and will stay he is a Pittsburgh guy, quality player , and cheap. Berger, Bryant,Leftwich, Roye, Smith : all these guys all have served their purposes on the team or have worn out their welcome and are realisticly not worth signing back. Thanks guys enjoys your ring.

Fox, Frazier, Harrison, Essex : these guys are all worth hanging on to and I don't think we will lose them, they are great role players that do the little things so well. These guys are the ones that are willing to do anything for you to step on the field.

B- Mac is really the only guy I see we need to keep. He is a physical shut down corner. It is time for you, Steelers, to step up and write the damn check. This guys has earned it. Ike and B- Mac as your corners for the future teams better come up with some schemes then just the wildcat to confuse this defense. As far as I am hearing B- Mac is as good as gone cause he is the most talented free agent as his position and will probably grab more money some where else. Nate Washington is another one I am hearing is as good as gone. I am hearing he could wind up being a #2 receiver somewhere for another team. I am fine with that. I like Nate, but we drafted Limas " I can catch a cold" Sweed for a reason.

The biggest joke of the day that I read on Pittsburgh Post - Gazette was that this shitty no talent hack is going to get his pay day somewhere other then Pittsburgh due to the fact that no one in his position is up for free agency. Chris Kemoeatu is suppose to get a big contract from other teams in the NFL, well good luck guys I am glad we in Pittsburgh aren't falling for this free agent bust. Damn I wish I could go into work every day and do nothing besides screw up and just be a big lard and earn a pay day like this guy. If someone signs this guy for more then 1.7 million a yr it will be obvious that economic times aren't are bad as they seem if you have dumb money spend on him.

Restricted: OT Willie Colon ,FB Sean McHugh ,CB Anthony Madison ,
G Jeremy Parquet, and S Anthony Smith: all these guys will more then likely be back due to the fact that they are cheap with the exception of Colon, who they are working on a tender offer as we speak. Yes folks even big mouth Anthony Smith, who never even dressed for the playoffs will have another shot to go out and back up that diaherra mouth of his. What a waste of a pick, makes me think if Jemaine Stephens, Troy Edwards, and another defensive stopper Ricardo Coclough. lol

So by the sounds of it the Buccos got off to a big start tearing the cover off the ball yesterday. Thanks to Bices' blog I got more information then what I was intending on hearing for the rest of my life about lazy ass Paulino.

My question is this the last time we will see that Pirates over .500 and have a winning record. Stay tuned, someone here at ClassicGangOnly will keep you updated. Maybe if we start getting more hits we could afford to bring on Lanny as a writer for us, seeing he his jobless.

BREAKING NEWS: Pens trade the most over rated player on their team Ryan Whitney. Wow...who did Craig Patrick and the Pens hire as magician to pull this one off.

BREAKING NEWS: CRIS aNgel was spotted at Cheerleaders Strip club down in the Strip Districtlate last night. He must have been celebrating his biggest magic trick pull off of all time. The lucky winner (loser) Anaheim Ducks. QUACK QUACK QUACK!! THIS JUST IN THE ANAHEIM DUCKS JUST HIRED GORDON BOMBAY TO COACH THE DUCKS TO A STANLEY CUP FINALS APPEARENCE!! Hell, that is what it will take to get them to the finals as long as they have Ryan Shitney on their team. Good luck Ducks or (*UCKS)!

Santonio Holmes has just also waived his right to a hearing on his charges on possesion of weed. Actually, I think we as good people of the law should not waive anything, but shake his hand for that amazing grab that earned us the title 6X SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS and him SUPERBOWL MVP. Thanks Holmes.. get it that is my use of ebonics . Now puff puff pass, quit F'N up the rotation Santonio.

The forecast down here is not bad the weather is overcasted and about 40 or so on this fine Thursday afternoon on Feb.26,2009. The only unfortunate thing is as I am attempting to blog I have Bones' Favorite artist blasting on my radio, Kid Rock. So, if you don't like this blog them you can send all your complaints to that " no talent hack" ,as Bones would put it.

Well guys, fortunately for me the time has come for me to leave work. Which is good news for you because you don't have to waste any more of your time reading this

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