Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Live Blog: Pirates vs. Phillies

Hey Gang! I have nothing better to do today so I'm going to blog live from Bradenton, Florida! And by Bradenton, Florida I mean Shitty Boston. Yay. I'll give you my take on this meaningless game, as well as how I feel about new announcer Tim Everett.

Congratulations to Steve Blass on his 50th year of Pirates Announcing. (I think thats what I heard but I'm not sure. Maybe its his 50 years in the organization. Either way Blass is old!)

So Chris Bootcheck is starting today and he led off the game with a first pitch strike. Greg made a comment about how Joe Kerrigan wants to see a lot of first pitch strikes this year. No Shit Greg. Although this has been a major problem of Pirates pitchers in the past. Then again what hasn't been a problem of Pirates Pitchers?

And Bootcheck sets them down 1-2-3. Striking out Shane Victorino.

And here comes the Buccos.....

Nyjer Morgan leads off against Jamie-Old As Shit-Moyer. One hopper to Rollins and he's out.

Freddy gets a single. Hopefully he's healthy this year and returns to some semblance of his 2007 form.

I'm beginning to realize how boring its going to be if I blog about every at bat so I'm only going to mention important things. Lesson Learned.

Chan Ho Park explains to Ronnie how to suck effectively.

RONNIE PAULINO SIGHTING: I completely forgot Paulino was traded to the Phillies. Apparently he made the trip but won't be playing today because he is asleep.

After Striking out Ryan Howard, The Bullpen Bully, Matt Capps just walked the bases loaded. Luckily, this is only spring training.

Capps just got out with an inning ending double play. Tits!

Apparently Walk and Wehner aren't in Florida yet. Well they are in Florida, just at the airport bar.

And Laroche strikes out looking. His in-season approach to spring training is getting off to a beautiful start.

Moyer walks back to back Buccos. Runners on first and second. LaRoche out.

And Jack ends the inning with a two hopper.

On to the third...

Jimmy-our fans suck-Rollins just hit a one out single off the Big Chief. And yes, Philly fans do suck!

And Rollins scores from 2nd on a Raul Ibanez single.

Greg and Steve were just poking fun at how big the Chief is. This reminds me of another fat ass pitcher we used to have.....

So my internet just went out but I guess Freddy is working on the cycle with an opposite field double. I'm guessing Morgan got on and scored a run cuz it's now Buccos 1 Phillies 1.

And Adam is up to his old tricks, striking out again. I like LaRoche. I really do. I mean his theme song is from the Karate Kid and who doesn't love that song?

And our Rule 5 draft pick, Donnie Veal, is on the mound. He gives off a lead-off single Jenkins. Donnie is not related to the great Bob Veal. Although he may be related to Ann-the wall-Veal. Arrested Development reference, anyone?

UPDATE: Donnie Veal is black. Ann Veal is not. There goes my theory that they are related. Also, Veal got out of the inning. Apparently a nice double play was turned by the BFF's Freddy and Jack.

Ronnie woke up and seems to be catching behind the plate! Oh wait, he's behind the plate but he's still asleep.

We have 2 aboard for Jack Wilson. He's probably my favorite Pirates and I'm glad he's still on the team. It's hard to believe that his 200 hit season was 5 years ago.

And Jack gives them a two run lead but it went off someones glove. Brandon Moss scores on the Wilson Base-Hit.

2-1 Pirates

Jeffy Salazar, pinch hitting for Nyjer Morgan, swings at one out of the zone and strikes out.

Shelby Ford hits a line-drive home-run over the right field wall 5-1 Bucs!

And the inning is over.

Major Substitutions: Diaz, McCutchen, Walker, and Hinske are in somewhere. You can probably figure out where.

And Paulino is at the plate with a bat in his hands. Don't let it fool you though. Yes, he is still asleep.

Tim Everett has entered the booth. I'd say he has a good baseball voice. He sounds familiar, but can't pinpoint who he sounds like right now.

The pitcher accidentally hit Paulino's bat and the ball flew in the air but someone caught it. Paulino out!

Hinske makes a fine catch in left field and we are out of the inning.

Diaz gets a base-hit. Steve Pearce hits one inside the third base line for extra bases and Diaz is waved home.

6-1 Pirates!

Wow, judging by the views counter people are actually reading the blog. Hopefully they aren't all Huha. Feel free to post comments telling me how awesome or how much of a douchebag I am!

The bases are loaded as Hinske draws the walk. Pine-Richlands own Neil Walker steps to the plate.

Walker gets out at third but a run still scores. Credit Walker with the RBI.

7-1 Pirates!

Machado gets a base hit.

8-1 Pirates!

Double Play ends the inning.

And Tim Everett is taking us the rest of the way. Lanny is somewhere in a corner crying.

Mateo gets out of the inning. Nothing too exciting happened here.

In other news, ESPN 2 shows soccer in the afternoon. You know why? Because Soccer sucks and nobody is going to watch it anyway.

And Shelby Ford follows up his home-run with a pop out. If he makes the big league club, Greg Brown can say "And Ford "Drives" in a run! hahahahahahahahah. Get it?

3 up and 3 down go the Bucs. Let's go to the Seventh!

Craig Hansen is now pitching for the Bucs. You all remember him of course as part of the Bay Trade. Yeah, the one with blazing speed but no control.

I just checked over at some of the comments at the PBC Blog. Baywatch doesn't seem to care for my language.

wrote re: Play ball: Exhibition season begins (Day 12)
on Wed, Feb 25 2009 7:45 PM

jasonbice is using bad words over there. I guess I'm used to a family-friendly blog.

Well in baseball they use bad words, so catch 22.

Anyway, Hansen Strikes out 2. 3 up and 3 down. Looking Good.

And our first round pick, Pedro Alvarez strikes out and looks like crap doing it. First at-bat jitters?

Hinske hits a long fly ball but its caught in front of the bullpen. 2 Outs.

Inning over. Let's go to the 8th. Pirates still lead 8-1.

Evan Meek comes to the mound. For those of you who don't remember. Evan Meek was the rule 5 draft pick last year who was responsible for us losing the home opener.

Fairly uneventful inning. Meek does a swell job.

These spring training games get boring towards the end eh?

Well hey gang, it's been real. I'm going to cut out early because I have other things to do. Like watch Full House. Let me know what you think of the live blog.

Here is the Pirates official recap of today's game.


Anonymous said...

I think you did a fine job. I prefer more text, less pictures.

Also, regarding the Veal/Veale connection: Her? Is she funny or something?

Do more liveblogs of games while I'm at work.


Stein said...

That was impressive Bice...maybe if the Buccos actually win this season, you'll have more fun doing this all season long!

Huha said...

Actually I was in the car for the last hour and half of the game, got to hear some of the Phillies network as I was around Altoona.