Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Never Stomp On A Dead Guy's Towel

I think people will laugh at me after I say this. Hell, I'll probably get made fun of. But I just knew that back in week 16 after Tennessee Titans players Lendell White and Keith Bulluck stomped on the Terrible Towel, they wouldn't make it to the Super Bowl. Many people may think that the Terrible Towel is just a stupid yellow towel that a bunch of crazy Steeler fans wave like lunatics during games. Well I've got news for ya.....It's not.

Myron Cope was the one person that created the enitre towel waving craze.
He was a genius. The best part is that the proceeds go towards a good cause.

"THE TERRIBLE TOWEL is not an instrument of witchcraft...It is not a hex upon the enemy. THE TOWEL is a positive force that lifts the Steelers to magnificent heights-and poses mysterious difficulties for the Steelers' opponents only if need be. Many have told me that THE TERRIBLE TOWEL brought them good fortune, but I can't guarentee that sort of thing because the Steelers, after all, are THE TOWELS primary concern. Still, at least, the symbol of THE TERRIBLE TOWEL will serve as a momento to your having been a part of the Steelers Dynasty and if it causes good things to happen to you, so much the better." - Myron Cope

Say what you want, but I think that disgracing THE TOWEL is a big mistake. Think about it. Back when the Steelers won their last Super Bowl the Cincinnatti Bengals Wide Reciever TJ Who's Yo Mama wiped his feet with THE TOWEL. They lost and haven't been the same since. Although we didn't play them, I sure would have liked to because I think we would have beat them. But thats just my opinon.

Holy Hockey Hell
The Penguins could very well have their season on the line tonight when they play the Flyers. Regardless, I don't think they are out of it yet. An entire half of hockey has yet to be played and whoever is in the top 8 of each conference after that makes the playoffs. Anything can happen. Which is why I want to make this point. One of three things will happen with the Penguins. 1) the Pens will stay the course with the way things are and hope it all turns around, 2) Fire Head Coach Michael Therrien or 3) Make a trade for a scoring winger to play with Sidney Crosby.

Whatever happens keep this in mind. Trades dont solve your problems. Think back to last year at the deadline and what we gave up (Colby, Esposito, Christianson and 1st round pick) and what we still have (Dupuis...no Hossa). Firing a coach won't solve problems either. This slump is the players fault. The Pens are hurt and it isn't fair to judge them until they are healthy. Who know's maybe Gonchar will help the team's struggeling power play. But keep this in mind too. Firing a coach may throw this enitre season off, yet help them next season. Chemistry is a huge part of wining hockey and right now the Pens don't have it. Don't fire Therrien.

I'll make this short and sweet...

NFC Championship Game
Philadelphia @ Arizona (FOX Sun. 3pm)

Arizona looked good the other night against Carolina, although I didn't watch the game, forcing 6 turnovers is very impressive. But that is the point. They don't do it all the time and clearly even the best defenses don't force that many turnovers all the time. It was a fluke. But the Cards looked dangerous. But I think Philly may be tougher and better. But I don't like their history in NFC Championships.

Arizona 28-17

AFC Championship Game

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh (CBS Sun. 6:30pm)

I love this matchup. But I'll be honest I don't think it will be the game people think it is going to be. The Ravens are banged up. Flacco is a rookie QB. Steelers are pretty much healthy. This is the third game of the season these two teams will play and the first two were close. I doubt this one is. The Ravens may be able to get some decent gains, but the Steelers will shut down the run and force Flacco to throw and he will finally make a mistake or two.

Pittsburgh 24-9


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