Friday, January 16, 2009

AFC Championship Weekend Links

The ring for the Super Bowl 6-pack is within sight, and the Steelers will need to knock 2 of those 3 teams off to attain that goal.

Ah yes, another AFC Championship Weekend here in the Steeler Nation. Believe. That is the feeling that all fans of the Steelers share as the Ravens come to town Sunday night. Here's some linkage to get you pumped up for the game (Kickoff 6:40 PM, CBS).

Sign that you know that the fans of dem Baltimore Birdies being scared

This is the mayor of San Diego making good on the bet that he made with Pittsburgh Mayor Luke STEELER-Stahl.
Details here

Now, the Mayoress of Baltimore is unfortunately not able to make a bet, or nothing's been made public (leave a comment if there is a bet though), but, umm yeah, she's got more pressing matters??? on her hands.

The fans of the two teams are into the betting spirit, though.

Even the Pittsburgh Zoo's animals are a part of the Steeler Nation.

Kevin Cowherd, more like Coward, of the Balt Sun??? Yeah, Steelers fans probably hate you.

A few months ago, there was possibility of a Jets-Giants Super Bowl, well there's now this possibility. Suck on that New Jersey!

Did you know the Steelers had actually merged with each of the participants of the NFC Championship game in the 1940s? I did, but that's owed to the fact I like history.

You know already that the Cardinals have a connection with Pittsburgh with Coaches Cheese-whiz and Russ Grimm. How about a Pittsburgh connection with some of the players.
Bice and I were both at Clarion long enough ago that we could have seen Reggie Wells play.

Those are your links for the weekend, enjoy those, and on a final thought, besides

This week one of my favorite TV shows came back, and if you had followed my afternoon radio show in Clarion the past 3+ years, you know I'm talking about American Idol. It's the first few weeks of the season that I enjoy most, in addition to the final to see who's crowned the American Idol each May. Now, I had read from various sources that the auditions were going to be somewhat different from past seasons (for example, more focus on the better singers, and not as many of the William Hung types). Tuning in Tuesday and Wednesday night, I was pleasantly surprised to see a healthy amount of both packed into the 2 hours both nights. You definitely saw the crazy characters (bikini girl, who surprising moved on to Hollywood, but it helps when you have 2 straight guys on the judges panel), the great singers, the terrible singers (the black guy with the really deep voice that no one actually believed was his real voice, and countless others), and the feel-good stories (the birthday girl who lived with her hard-of-hearing 93-year-old grandmother, and God knows I thought she was going to interrupt the sit-down with that girl at her house when she was telling her story; the oil worker with a voice of gold). It looks like a good season, and it's definitely hotter with that new judge, Kara DioGuardi as well, adding her hotness and great personality to an already strong stable of 3 judges. (By the way, I wanna know what happens if there's a 2-2 tie, so think of some possible solutions in the comments.

Thanks for reading and see ya next week!

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