Friday, January 16, 2009

Football Falls in Erie

There are four types of NFL fans in Erie, Steelers, Bills, Browns and Cowboys. Lets go through the types of fans that live in Erie:
Bills: People in Erie are Bills fans mainly because we live in a Bills television market.
Browns: People in Erie that are Browns fans are all mentally challenged. Mainly because of the pollution that once was trapped in Lake Erie these fans do not have the intelectual brain power to know the difference.
Cowboys: People in Erie are Cowboy fans because of one person Mark Stepnowski.
Mark Stepnowski is a local pot smoker that played for the Dallas Cowgirls in the late 90’s. His career was short lived like his memory due to the excessive pot smoking this Erie native has done.
Steelers: People in Erie that are Steelers fans are usually people that have once lived south of I-90. These fans are loyal to the Steeler Nation due to 3 Reasons:
1). Steeler fans wear their Black and Gold to church on Sundays.
2). Steeler fans fly the black and gold flags everyday of the week for 20 straight weeks.
3).Steeler fans know that if you aren’t a Steeler Fan you not Shit!.

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