Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Almost Got Killed Today

I almost died today. And it wasn't because I swollowed somthing with a Mr. Yuck sticker on it.

This is actually somthing that all of us except Bice can relate too, since we all still live in the Western Pennsylvania region. As most of you know, we've gotten a shit load of snow recently. I actually enjoyed watching it snow until my dad made me shovel it all. Then I hated it. But regardless, it has snowed a ton lately. And today I almost died because of it.

It should first be noted that I think Penn DOT (PA Dept. of Transportation) has been really lazy lately. I don't see what is so hard about keeping the roads safe. I would like to make note on this blog that when I would be driving to work around 4am, I would see Penn DOT trucks parked along side the road doing nothing. It's nice to see that our tax dollars are being spent on a couple of lazy guys that like to sleep.

Now, I was drving along one of our beautiful roadways in the great state of Pennsylvania (by the way, it should also be noted that I used to love the slogan "You've Got a Friend In Pennsylvania" that used to be on license plates) when I noticed on a particular section it appeared to be snow covered. It was snowing so I assumed that it was just a section they hadn't got to. But it wasn't snowing bad or anything. As I was driving I slowed down to a safe speed so that I could avoid a crash. The lanes were mostly clear except right down the middle, so I was driving over a coating of snow that was about a half inch or more. All of a sudden, as I was negoitating a turn, my car began to slide out of control. I was lucky to manage a save, as I began sliding into another lane when a car was coming. I managed to stay in my lane but then I almost slid over the side of a hill. Luckily my tires got away from the snow and I got slowed down. It was a close call for sure. Then when I told my dear mother of the incident, she just laughed at me like I exaggerate every thing that goes on in my life. Whatev. The point is Penn DOT should take better care of the roadways, otherwise a somewhat famous individual could have died today. That is all of my story. I hope you all learned a valuable lesson today. Godspeed.

Before I go here are a couple things you should know. On, Rick Reilly, the guy who used to write for Sports Illustrated, wrote a great piece on Beer Pong. I am sure Bones will leave a post sometime in the next day or two either endorsing it, or calling it jibberish. And the picture of the chick in this post is my new girlfriend. Not really, but she probably wants me anyway.

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