Thursday, January 15, 2009

To cold for school or just want a 3 day weekend for the steelers game??

So after a long day at work I come home and get relaxed and ready to sit to wacth tv. I turn on the TV and I see that a plane take a crash landing into the Hudson river in NYC. Thank God that everyone survived and the plane stayed in tacked. I have to give kudos to the pilot and the NY rescue crews who were there on first reponse, even the ferry and pleasure boats who aborted their schedules to help out deserve thanks. This however isn't what I wanted to discuss. As I was watching this story develop and the national news switching over to the local news I was reading the bottom lines for cancellations for Friday. I can't help to remember when I was in school we didn't have many cancellations or even 2 hr. delays. I don't think I can even name a school district in the surrounding area of the city of Pittsburgh that hasn't cancelled already. What the hell is going on ?? I remember when I was in school it was like get your ass to school no matter what. They didn't give a shit how much snow was on the ground or how cold it was outside. Instead, once we got to school we use to all hear the horror stories well when I was your age school buses never got back to where we lived and we didn't have a car for the kids. We had to walk to school to and fro up hill in snow up to our knees...blah blah know how the rest of the story goes.

So what the hell is really going on ? I don't know if you heard this yet, but the Pittsburgh Steelers have a pretty big game this weekend. The game is known as the AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. My thinking on this is people meaning teachers, school advisors, and principals found their way out to enjoy a 3 day weekend. This way they can get another day of stuff done and enjoy their Sunday of watching the Steelers beat the shit out of the Ravens and do nothing more with their day then just that. I am actually waiting to watch the news tommorrow or Sunday night and see them start the cancellations or atleast 2 hr delays for Monday

The bottom line is (I apologize for my Stone Cold Steve Austin reference) if your really cancelling school because of the weather thats fine or maybe it is not because I am rather bitter I never got to expierence days like that. Maybe you should bundle up and not be a bitch and get your ass to school. I have to go to work Friday. The Steelers aren"t cancelling work tommorrow nor are they cancelling the game. I am also betting that people are planning on going to the game whether it be 0 degrees outside and snowing or 75 degrees out and sunny. If your going to cancel school this far ahead of time, why dont we just declare this fucking weekend a holiday for western PA and give everyone off. This way we can all start our pregame tailgate to take on the shit talking Baltimore Ravens and their shit talking fans.

Go Steelers!!

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