Monday, July 7, 2008

TV Shows I Miss

Here is the first ever installment of "TV Shows I Miss". I will start doing this regularly until I feel like I don't want to do them anymore. I’m going to start off with a little known and sadly short lived show called Clone High. It was created by the same guys who do the now ABC comedy Scrubs. Clone High was ended way before it’s time and was one of my personal favorites. It was shown in an after school spot on MTV from November of 02’ to February of 03’. The reason for the show’s early departure was because people in India threatened to go on a hunger strike because of how the writers portrayed Gandhi as the non-stop party machine. I’m too lazy to type in the entire plot, so click on the link below to see the show’s intro which sums most of it up:

It revolved around the central characters of Abe Lincoln, Gandhi, Joan of Arc, JFK, and Cleopatra. Other cloned historical figures would pop up randomly throughout the show to add a little bit of flavor. The show played out like your typical teen drama, with love, sex, death, best friend betrayals, drinking, ADD and puberty. But instead of annoying people like James Vandertwat in "Dawson’s Creek," it was done with animated clones. Its point was to make a mockery of the typical teen drama, and it did so very effectively. Still the show had heart behind it that could not be denied, especially in later episodes that sadly did not get seen on MTV because the show was dropped after it's controversy. The writing was amazing and the humor was similar to Scrubs in a lot of ways. You really had to pay attention get some of the jokes and you actually needed to know a little about history to pick up on some of the references. Will Forte, Nicole Sullivan, Donald Faison, Michael McDonald, Christa Miller and a bunch of other people who you will see on Scrubs, lend the voice talent to the show. Special guests would appear usually every week like Jack Black, Marylin Manson, Mandy Moore, Tom Green, Ashley Parker Angel (my personal hero) and Michael J Fox as Gandhi’s remaining kidney. More importantly John Stamos also had a guest spot on the show (how about them apples bitches? Uncle Jesse is the bee’s knees). Bottom line, the show was T-riffic and if you go on youtube you can see more clips of the show like the one below. The thing that sucks donkey nuts for fans such as myself, is that the show came from Canada so if you want the DVD you have to do what I did and order it from the Canadian version of Amazon (And no they don't just sell syrup and copies of the John Candy movie Canadian Bacon. You racist bastards). Thus concludes the first ever installment of TV shows I miss, drink it up like a Daniel Plainview milkshake baby, because more of these bitches will be on the way.

Best of Clone High Episode 1 :

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