Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Classic Uniforms

By now you have probably come to the conclusion that I am lazy. This is true. But instead of going through every division of every sport and taking a look to the past, I have decided to research some super sweet throwback uniforms and share them with you as I go along with this blog. One at a time. It will be fun, as we look back at history and poke fun at ugly uniforms and examine the cool ones too. I'll find a really cool classic uniform and then I'll post a picture of it and the team and give a little history about the team and what they did that season. Yadda, yadda. You get the picture. So without further delay, here is the first classic uniform!!!

The San Diego Padres are the first team we'll look at on Classic Uniforms. The only reason being when I searched "retro baseball uniforms" on Google, this was the first one to come up. But anyway, the San Diego Padres were brought into the major leagues in 1969 as an expansion franchise from the PCL (Pacific Coast League). That minor league club started as the Padres in 1937 and was actually led by a young Ted Williams, who is now preserved in a freezer someplace in the middle of nowhere. Anyhow, the Padres won the 1937 PCL title and in 1969 San Diego moved to the ranks of the Major Leagues. They stunk it up like most expansion franchises do, but they did it with some ugly uniforms. Now don't get me wrong, I love the logo. I think the old Padres logo is one of the coolest in baseball history, but lets face it, brown and yellow just don't do it for me. Come to think of it, I doubt that it does it for anyone, unless you are color blind and those colors look like orange and blue or some other happy horse shit. Anyway, the Padres had losing records each of their first six seasons, losing 100 or more games in four of those first six seasons. Their uniforms remained stained with piss and shit until 1984 when they actually made it to a World Series, but then lost to the Detroit Tiggers. Then like most teams do when they actually win, they tweaked their uniforms to include orange. So now they played with piss, shit and Agent Orange on their uniforms. Nice. Needless to say these uniforms didn't look any better, but Padres fans were anything but blessed in those early days in San Diego.

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