Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fantasy Football Tip of the Day: 9/5/2008

I have one receiver that I know is going to be in my starting line-up from week to week and that's Marques Colston. After that I'm not so sure. The other four guys, Donald Driver, Marvin Harrison, Jerricho Cotchery, and Ted Ginn Jr., aren't bad but they aren't the sure thing receiver I think Colston is. I've been trying to rationalize who I should start and who I should sit and I think its going to go down to the wire. Cotchery is playing the Dolphins, who suck, and I think he can have a huge game so he's definitley going to be my number 2 guy. Driver plays Minnesota, who he's had a good deal of success against in the past, but how good is Aaron Rodgers going to be against the tough Viking D. Harrison used to be the man but coming back from injury and a rusty Manning makes me extremely cautious. Finally, I'm seriously considering Teddy Ginn. Chad Pennington is playing his former team and you know he's going to do his damndest to put it to the Jets. That means lots of passes to Ginn. I hope. Either way it's going to be a game time decision. I'm not really good at them and will probably regret whatever I choose but I'll keep you updated.

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Bones said...

Bice, why do you keep giving people shitty tips? You've never won a damn thing and you won't win a damn thing this year.

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