Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fantasy Football Tip of the Day: 9/4/2008

Don't pick-up Daunte Culpepper. This should be obvious to everyone anyway, but in the wake of his retirement, I'd just like to bring up how terrible this former Quarterback actually is. Even when he had those two great seasons in 2000 and 2004, he still could never hold onto the football. Daunte Culpepper has played 92 games in the NFL. Daunte Culpepper has fumbled the football 89 times in those 92 career games. Daunte Culpepper has also thrown 94 interceptions during those 92 games. So chances are, if he was your starting Quarterback he was going to turn the ball over almost twice per game.

Also, in those two years when he was really good, he was throwing to Randy Moss and Chris Carter. Fucking Bones could put up decent numbers with those two guys at WR. Keep in mind, he also had 3 shitty seasons with those same guys as well as the shitty seasons he had with the Dolphins, who had no one, and Raiders who had no one.

There's a reason Daunte Culpepper isn't an NFL starter. (Other than the retarded decision to become his own agent.) It's because he's awful. Unless you give him great receivers, he won't be decent, and even then he'll still fumble the football.

I'm also a little bit bitter because I had the "Bones Feeling" about Culpepper last year and drafted him as a back-up. Although he really didn't hurt my team, he was still on it and I blame the reason I finished in last place solely on him. And on Bones. But that's obvious.

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