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After sitting through two live fantasy football drafts on Yahoo and watching people select their picks, I realize that some of these players selected were either selected because they stock was high or someone actually has the "Bones Feeling" for them. First, let me explain the " Bones Feeling", it is a feeling you get at the beginning on the draft that makes you feel all warm inside and kind of gay. You develop a man crush on this player because you start to feel that your the only one that may feel this way for him and you may be able to steal him later in the draft. Bones usually has this feeling for Andre Johnson from the Texans about every yr.

Now that you have gained further knowledge on the "Bones Feeling" and what it means, here is my top ten sleepers or guys that I get that "Bones Feeling" for:

These are in no particular order:

1. Santonio Holmes - WR-PITTSBURGH STEELERS- This guy has the most raw talent the Steelers have at the wide out position, since hell I don't know the 70's. I have a feeling now that Hines is in the transition on moving into more of a poessesion receiver, this is really going to open the door for fantasy owners. He is definitly an explosive downfield threat that has great hands. I ll take it a step further, Holmes led this team in YAC this preseason. This tells me there is definitly more to come from this stud even after catches the ball. I am calling it now, this guy is going to the pro bowl.

2. Patrick Crayton- WR- DALLAS COWBOYS- I know another wideout, but can you blame me. The Cowboys have more offensive threats and talent then the entire cast of TGIF ON ABC 15 YRS AGO. Because of this I feel CRAYTON will slip through the cracks of not only fantasy owners, but cornerbacks as well. You tell me who you are going to focus on when your calling a defense that has to line up against ROMO,OWENS,WITTEN, BARBER, AND NEWLY DRAFTED FELIX JONES, who we will talk about later. Crayton is a burner and doesn't mind going across the middle and gaining the all important YAC that could land you in the endzone. I feel like Crayton can play the role like Santonio Holmes did later in his rookie season when he found his niche in the offense.

3. Kurt Warner- QB- ARIZONA CARDINALS- This guy through the most TD'S in the second half of the 2007 season. He also in my book has two pro bowl receivers in Fitzgerald and Boldin. Now, although Boldin is not getting along with management, he will still go out and perform cause like any player they know that money is on the line. I know Warner is old and his wife looks like more of a man then he is, but this guy doesn't have to do much to look good. It reminds of his days in St. Louis with all the fire power he had back there. I mean as long as Matt Lionheart keeps hammering down beer bongs and doing softcore hot tub scenes with his no talent buddy Nick Lachey. I really dont think you can blame me for making Kurt Warner a sleeper.

4. Thomas Jones-RB- NY JETS- I think your going to see a resurrgence from this guy like his past days in Chi - town. I feel that the pick up of Brett Favre will help this team tremendously. They have upgraded their o- line and since Favre has proved everyone wrong again about being able to play and make players look better then what they are around him. Maybe we will finally get to see how good these JETS RECEIVERS finally are. This guy help Ryan Grant become a beast, made Greg Jennings look like the next Art Monk, and turned Donald Lee into Mark the undersage babysitter fucker Chamara. Yes he was a good player while he played the TE position.

5. Felix Jones-RB- DALLAS COWBOYS- I said earlier in this post that we would be talking about this guy and I meant it. I know in this top part there maybe a lot of rookies called out and that is because we don't know all that much about them and if their game can transfer into success in the NFL. Well, after what we saw in Minnesota I think it is only right that rookies get respect too. Now, unless you were a huge college football fan you probably don't know much about Felix Jones and it is not really your fault. This guy was the back up behind Run DMC in Arkansas. Yes, that is correct a back - up and first round pick. My point exactly, this kid has talent and not only does he have that, but he has the hands and speed to go with it. He is also learning from one of the best pounding and hard running back in business today Marion Barber. His skills for blocking are getting better and will gain him even more playing time on 3rd downs. Like I said before with all that talent in Big D, who will you choose to cover or key in on. This guy will find the endzone and if he keeps learning behind Marion Barber, he will probably find himself being the man in Dallas in no time!

6. Jonathan Stewart - RB- CAROLINA PANTHERS- This kid is a rookie out of Oregon, where they weren't short of talent last year. The only thing that hindered any one from this team from being drafted higher were the injury bug. Pittsburgh Fans know that all to well, when we drafted Stewarts ex - teammate Dennis Dixon, who has been receiving high praise ever since his arrival in the burgh. Stewart was one of the most sought after rb's in the draft with only his toe hindering his draft status. I know the Steelers had him high on their draft board as well and that says enough to me since our taste in running backs in the burgh is pretty damn good. Stewart runs hard and downhill. With what is going on in Carolina's backfield, I feel that it's Stewarts job to win or lose. He is a rookie who will get multiple chances and is in an offense that loves to mix up the run and pass. They also have the down field boxing threat in Steve Smith to keep teams honest and from huggling the line of scrimmage. This guy seems to be a good fit for your WR/RB slot.

7.Eddie Royal-WR-Denver Broncos- I know I know another rookie. Well, this guy is in Denver where yards seem to come easy every yr no matter how old you are and where you come from. With Brandon Marshall coming back after he serves his one game suspension and Jason Bices' best friend Jay Cutler, who supposively had the strongest arm in his draft class throwing to him. This could turn out to be a good fit for Royal and an even better compliment for Marshall, whose numbers last yr help Bones become two - time champ of the league. This guy will have one guys is already being compared to Steve Smith from Carolina. Now, I am not saying he is going to be that good I am just saying that is the type of receiver this can could be.of the better chances in winning offensive rookie of the yr and don't be surprise if he does. This guy runs great routes and has dynamic speed and much stronger then what his size displays. This

8. Jeremey Shockey- TE- New Orleans Saints- I am sorry to even mention a tight end,but as we all know there are a few of them out there that can be difference makers on your team. I am telling you right now this guy was drafted high and was a pro bowler for a reason. He is a damn good blocker and an even better receiver. Now that he is in more pass happy offense with Drew Brees, who will be competing for the NFL MVP this yr. This guy is going to come back to glory. Now, I know you all know who he is and all that bullshit. For some reason he was forgotten about on a lot of draft boards. I don't know if it is because he got traded or because he didn't play much of last yr when it counted. I am telling you and I know Marques Colston would to if you could talk to him. This guy will be vital in the pass offense for the Saints this yr. He has done it before and he will do it again.

9. Chris Perry- RB - CINCY BENGALS- By now this may not be much of a sleeper, now that Rudi Johnson got cut. I know I was already thinking about picking up Watson or Perry while drafting for my teams. Now, I do not think the Bengals are going to be great, or even good this yr. I do however think they will pad the stat category. They have the talent to put pts on the board offensively, they always have. It's just getting a defense of the field to help them. Back to Perry, who will be taking most of the carries in the backfield. This guy is from yes MATT CARROLLS' BELOVED SHITTY MICHIGAN. He loves to bang in between the tackles and he is a good back for the AFC North. The Bengals have so much damn talent on the outside with Johnson, Housh, and the reinstated crack head Chris Henry. This guy should have alot of room to run the ball as long as they all can stay healthy. This team has to work as a unit to be good and have good fantasy stats. They aren't good enough to do it on their own. Let say like TOM AND RANDY OR ROMO AND T.O. OR EVEN TOMLINSON AND THAT COCKY BASTARD RIVERS.

10. This one was tough when getting down to the last one it could be a lot of guys. I think Marvin Harrison is going to have a good yr. His counterpart Anthony Gonzalez I feel will be pretty good. I also think Chad Pennington will resurge in Miami. This guy was good for a reason and give a savy veteran like him a second chance in warm weather, this could really work out for him. I am just not sure it will be this yr. So my number 10 pick is no other then:

Donte' Stallworth- WR- CLEVELAND BROWNS- With all the hype going into Braylon Edwards this yr. I think Stallworth if healthy can really do some damage to some secondaries espically one like Pittsburgh's who plays the inital 10 yrds off you. But we always benfit from a shitty Browns o - line and sack their QB about 100 times. But if Anderson plans on not being a one yr wonder and letting Wonder Boy Brady Quinn (who Bones secretly wants to date..lol) then I think this guy will have a big role in serving that purpose. He is still a pretty good downfield threat and in New England he became a pretty good receiver catching balls across the middle. Remember he also has Kellen "Soldier Boy"Winslow protecting him from Defenses too. So ,just like the camoflauge that Winslow wheres on gameday appearently, he must have gave some to Stallworth when it came to fantasy drafts and for the sake of my prediction I hope he wears on gamedays. This way he can slip past defenses and make me look like a football guru!!

Thanks for your time and I hope you take the time to consider some of these guys while drafting or while kicking yourself in the ass for not drafting them. I would invite any posts that would like to disagree or even replace some of my players. It is always interesting hearing what others think or are thinking of espically when the season comes to end. WELL GOOD LUCK TO ALL FANTASY FOOTBALL OWNERS AND HOPE NONE OF THESE GUYS END UP BITING YOU IN THE ASS WHEN ITS ALL SAID AND DONE.

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