Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Top Ten Overrated and Over hyped NFL Players

I just wanted to write about something that bothers me. People who are over payed and over hyped for never doing anything more then what they are suppose to do. These are people that strulggle at doing that and never do the above and beyond to take their team to the next level.

Well here they are and yes in this particular order on how much they fucking suck and are over hyped and over rated:

1. Vince Young- He just wins games..I am tired of hearing that. He needs more weapons.. Well put up some numbers and win playoff games...Mike Vick did that shit too.

2. Matt Leinart- Christ you would think this guy was Joe Namath for as much attention he gets off the field. He probably has better luck in a reality tv show or something then ever being an NFL QB.

3. Ray Lewis- Grandpa Ray, who get more credit for tackles he wasn't in on as oppose to ones that he was.

4.Chad Johnson- Hey Chad put and shut up.. You got a damn Pro Bowl QB and WR core. Then ask for a contract or a trade. Of course you could ask to be traded for Jerry Rice and maybe Dancing with the Stars will eat the rest of your contract.

5.Troy Polamolu - never plays how do we know how great he is, because he did at one season or so. Hey Troy put the rosary down and help us comeplete a Hail Mary or two.

6.Steven Jackson- Quit being a pussy and go play. No one made you sign a contract and for crying out loud you do not need to buy all the jewlery in the store and a fleet of cars and you ll have tons of money if your career ends tomorrow. Why don't you go out and show me something before you hold out you injured pussy.

7.Clinton Portis - hey bud you got so many damn disguses.. I am starting to think you dressing up as a football player every sunday is another of the many. Well if it is, atleast we know your fooling you stupid ass owner Daniel Synder. I know your not fooling me.. I'll never draft your shitty fantasy ass.

8.Dallas Cowboys Team- Can someone tell me why the hell year in and year out these guys get so much press and hype. Christ you would think they have won more Superbowls then playoff games under Tony Romo. Oh wait they have fucking zero.

9.Reggie Bush- Hey Reggie I don't if anyone has told you yet,but their are tons of brothers of your caliber out there. You gotta have skills to play in this league. Although, We know you do have one skill and that is fucking hot bitches like Kim Kardashin.

10.Brady Quinn- Although I can't blame all this on Brady because someone else has just been having a miracle season and stopping him from playing. But for being a bench warmer have you seen anyone with more endorsements. I mean how do you explain that use are product you can be as ripped and fucking cool as Brady Quinn and oh yeah you too can sit the bench. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa HGH MILKSHAKES!!!

Thanks for reading, I hope you agree and found it entertaining because I sure don't when Sundays roll around and these fucking idiots are making more money then a lot of us will ever see in our lifetimes!!

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