Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Office Has Arrived!

After months and months of waiting, my copy of "The Office" Season 4 has finally come i the mail today. I pre-ordered it last week on and was a little disappointed when the estimated arrival date was September 8th. But it didn't even take that long, obviously. I'm also excited that it came with a copy of the "Dinner Party" script. Now I can read along! Tits!

The only problem I have is with how it was delivered. Apparently our mailbox is too small to put a dvd in so the mailman is supposed to buzz in to see if anyone is in the apartment to pick it up. Around 1PM, I heard this buzz and rushed down the stairs. I ran all the way to the bottom of the steps and found that no one was even at the door. I went back up the steps and noticed a box on the second floor. I live on the fourth floor. I bent down to examine the box and sure enough, it was my Office DVD. This kind of pissed me off because anyone else in the building could have just taken. What the fuck? I think what happened was, the mailman was too lazy to go up the stairs or wait for me, so he just threw my box up as high as he could and it landed on the second floor. What if there was something fragile in the box, like suppose I had ordered a box of baby fetus'. Those would have surely been destroyed. Bah.

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