Monday, January 19, 2009

What I liked/didn't like: AFC Title Game

Well, after a day of celebrating the Steeler's seventh trip to the Super Bowl, I'm here with some musings about yesterday's bloodbath (yes, that's being generous).


1. The physicality of the game. In my 15-20 years of tangible football memories, I haven't seen a game as physical. Right from the opening kickoff, when Carey Davis blew up that guy from the Ravens, I knew this was going to be ugly.

Unfortunately, some emo/whiny people that make a lot more money than I do don't see it that way. Check out this crap heap. This is Scoop Jackson/Jemele Hill/Skip Bayless/any other hack level of crap. I'm betting this diaphragm gets paid to stir shit up because no one could possibly be that stupid.

The comments are equally as funny because it was discovered that he was a hardcore Philly fan (sounds like some sour grapes to me) and there's like 300 posts telling him how much he sucks.

Boo-hoo, if you don't like the physicality of football, go watch curling or soccer. Nice emo/hipster glasses too dude, go cry yourself to sleep while listening to that shit-sucker Dave Matthews.

2. Ben Roethlisberger. What else can you say? The running game was neutralized, against a vicious defense and constantly under pressure he kept making plays. His most important statistic: ZERO turnovers.

I'm just waiting for Ben to get his due. One Super Bowl won and he just took his team to another. I don't know how many quarterbacks teams would rather have right now. Brady, Peyton Manning and maybe Drew Brees.

And for the love of God, could we quit with all the Tony Romo hype. Hell, he even fails getting into the shower as well as on the field.

3. Troy Polamalu. Again, what else can you say about this guy that hasn't already been said? Came up with big tackles and made the big interception return to seal up the game.


1. Limas Sweed. This guy could have gone down as one of the biggest goats in franchise history. Dropping a sure touchdown pass, then a mystery injury that took away the last time out. I know rookie receivers usually struggle and by no means am I giving up. But it just seems that his head is so far up his ass, he can look out his mouth. However, his hit on Corey Ivy sort of made up for it.

LINUS or LIMAS. Which one would you rather have?

(sorry the pics are fucked up, what we use to write these isn't conducive to pictures, hence why I don't use that many)

2. Clock management. With the ball in field goal range and no timeouts, why in the blue hell would you throw it across the middle? Why the hell didn't Moore try to get out of bounds? Those three points could have been real critical.

3. Shotgun formation and passing on third and 1. Before the San Diego game, I listed this as one of my concerns. Still can't/don't have the faith to convert third and shorts with the ground games. It hasn't bit them in the ass yet, so can't really say much else.

4. The offensive line. I know this is whipping a dead horse but still. If you see yellow on the field pre-snap you can assume nine times out of ten that #74 is responsible. Starks getting caught flat-footed and letting Terrell "Bounty Hunter" Suggs have a nice shot on Ben.

5. The announcing. For god's sake, Nantz and Simms bring nothing to the broadcast. They are boring, dry and don't give any insight. Joe Buck is horrible as well. He's about as excited calling game as I was when Bice bought me the Friends gift pack the one year for Christmas. His cohort Troy "State the Obvious" Aikman doesn't help either. Can you tell he's had about 15 concussions? Me either (being facetious).

Christ, I'd rather listen to the Communist Manifesto read by Keith Olbermann.

Could go on a rant about how much McCarver sucks but this isn't the time nor the place. Deadspin dug up this handy dandy little invention that can solve all your shitty announcing problems.

6. The officiating. I was under the assumption that the playoff crews were the best. But when you assume you make an ass out of you and me. To start, the Santonio Holmes catch and touchdown that was reversed. It looked like he caught it, had his hand under the ball and it came out when it hit the ground. Last time I checked, I didn't think the ground could cause a fumble....guess not.

The pass interference call on McFadden that practically handed the Ravens their first touchdown was particularly sketchy. I could've sworn I saw Jared Gaither hold James Harrison god knows how many times and Ben took some late hits. I guess since he's big he can take them and the flags don't need to be thrown.

The pass interference call on Taylor was legitimate. If you have your back to the ball and touch the receiver, they will call it every time. Hell, that roughing the punter call on Baltimore was terrible. Mitch Berger did an acting job that Hollywood Hogan would be proud of....while I'm on the topic....

7. Mitch Berger. Could that punt have possibly been any worse? I could have kicked the ball better after downing a 12 pack. Seriously, between him and Ernster earlier in the season, I haven't seen such terrible punting. At least Sepulveda will be back next season.

On a final note, my take on the hit on McGahee.

One of the most vicious hits I have ever seen. This hit will be picked apart by everyone, was it dirty or was it clean. I, for one, think it was clean. I'm pretty sure there's no rule against helmet to helmet hits on a downfield receiver and Clark led with his shoulder anyways. Now if he was defenseless that would be a different story, he turned and was advancing up field.

I hope McGahee makes a full recovery. He's a Hurricane/Raven (perhaps the lowest form of scum there is) but you wish that on no one. From what I've heard, he's going to make a full recovery. Ray-Ray looked surprisingly perturbed, I didn't expect this because he's seen some dead bodies before.

Well that's enough for now, I'm sure we'll bring you a whole hell of a lot more stuff in the coming weeks leading up to Superbowl 43.

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Gus said...

Great stuff, Bones. I searched the internet to see where you may have plagiarized it from, but couldn't find anything. So kudos to you.