Friday, January 23, 2009

Super Bowl Bye Weekend Links

Two weeks, that's what Coach Tomlin and Cheese-whiz get to implement their plans as it's the Steelers vs. Pittsburgh-West a week from Sunday, and here's some links to get you through a slower sports weekend, since I don't think the NHL All Star Game will be all that exciting without Sid the Kid...

-Well, Kurt Warner's wife finally looks like the wife of a quarterback...

-Are the Steelers the greatest franchise ever??? I say yes, but let's hear what ESPN"s Flem File has to say about it.

-Does 43=75? Find out during the Super Bowl 43 commericals.

For those of you headed to Tampa for the completion of the 6-pack...

-The St. Pete Times newspaper provides a calendar of events for the upcoming week, including the necessities for the guys. (2nd link NSFW)

-A list of Steelers bars in Tampa and the surrounding area, and more discussion on things to do during Super Bowl week. (courtesy blog)

I could go on and on about the Steelers but let's give love to another Black and Gold team (one that Mr. Bice loves like they're his own child), the Pittsburgh Pirates...

-They teased us with talks of Pedro.

-And also, believe that Sleeves=Championships.

-Thanks to Pat that runs the Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke? blog, we can cruelly be reminded of all the Buccos losing seasons since 1992, in his intermittent recaps.
(1993-1999 here) (2000-present here).

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