Monday, January 19, 2009

My brother, Jacob, loves the Eagles

Hopefully McNabb gets traded to a team where fans will appreciate him

My brother Jacob loves the Philadelphia Eagles but he often poses as a Steelers fan when they are doing well, which is always. Anyways, he wrote up his take on yesterday's NFC Championship and its not one-sided or biased at all. Enjoy....

I think the philly-zona game was awful. The refs did a terrible game. Donny Mcnabb played terrible. Brian Westbrook played terrible like all postseason. The defense was terrible. But the worst thing of all was when the refs blew the game for philly. It was 4th down and mcnabb threw to kevin curtis and a zona playa pushed curtis and he missed the catch. Turnover. and the refs ignored it. if you look back to the week before during the baltimore tennessee game the play clock went down to zero for like 2 secs and the refs dint call it. during the regular season jay cutler threw a pass and it went behind him but the refs dint call a shouldve been fumble. i think the refs or umps in all sports are terrible. i say fire all of em and rehire some better ones. but thats not up to me. i say philly needs to gett rid of andy reid and donny mcnabb. trade philly and carolinas ( u got them last yr in a trade on draft day ) 1st round draft picks for a top ten draft pick and draft michael crabtree or jeremy maclin. then sign a qb or trade donny mcnabb and kevin kolb for a above average qb. Then make john gruden your head coach. i would say thts just about how my off season would go.

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