Monday, January 19, 2009

A Tale Of Two Cities

This is one of the most exciting things that can happen to any team or city. That the team you follow, the team you live and die with, has a chance to play for a world championship. It's a great feeling. In Pittsburgh we are very lucky as fans to watch our Steelers head to another Super Bowl. It will be Arizona and Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XLIII.

There is somthing that I want to examine however. Everyone that follows football knows about the history of these two teams. Arizona has had to wait practically their entire lifetime to accomplish anything of this magnitude. Pittsburgh on the other hand was in this exact same boat during the 1974 season when they were pretty much losers their entire existence and headed to their first Super Bowl.

But yesterday somthing just seemed very different about these two teams. Yeah, one is going to their 7th Super Bowl and the other is going to their 1st. But it was just the way these two teams handled themselves. In Arizona confetti was raining down on the Cardinals as they celebrated their first trip to the Super Bowl. I am glad for Arizona. I couldn't imagine not feeling excited if my team was going to it's first championship game ever. I am also glad for Larry Fitzgerald, a former Pitt star and Reggie Wells, who is a former Clarion University player. But the way people were acting and the way they were celebrating kind of made me laugh. In Pittsburgh, it seemed like business as usual. No confetti. Celebration, but not overdoing it. We were acting like we have been there before. Simply put, Arizona was acting like they had won the Super Bowl. Pittsburgh was acting like they were going to the Super Bowl.

I'm not saying that Arizona is destined to lose. Anything can happen in games like these. Think back to last year. Think back to 2001 when New England beat a favored St. Louis team. That's why I don't like to get too cocky. I don't like to jinx things. But i definately looked to me like Pittsburgh realized that they had one more step. Arizona looked like they had already completed it. The two teams are opposites in that sense. Pittsburgh is pretty much the same from their last Super Bowl. Arizona is being lead by Kurt Warner a former MVP of the big game. Arizona just looks a little bit inexperienced I guess.
But regardless it's still exciting. It's special. Arizona will be looking for their 1st championship in their history. Pittsburgh will be looking for their record 6th Super Bowl.

This is gonna be fun. HERE WE GO BABY!!!!

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