Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I recently attended the AFC Champ. game in Pittsburgh to watch the Steelers take on the Ravens. Before this game even kicked off, I was already anticipating a war so to speak. I can say this much, I was not let down on that and from what I have been reading I don't think others were either. This was one of the hardest hitting, most physical games I have ever witness ever in sports history. I know Bones wrote about this earlier and I want to say i agree with him about people talking about the game was to physical and this superbowl match up is terrible.

Let me start by saying the game of football was meant to be physical. Scoop, Skip and the rest of you emo clowns I got some questions for you. Why do they were pads in the NFL? I also thought you were suppose to tackle the opposing player in order to stop them from scoring. Why do they where helmets on the field? Oh wait, I have one more for you, why are these atheletes always in the weight room constantly lifting and staying in tip -top shape? Don't worry you overpaid ESPN shitty reporters, I'll answer them for you. The game of football if we have forgotten is a contact sport. A game that involves hitting your opponent to the point where they either want to run out of bounds or avoid you. The sport has instilled this into players since midget football to run over your opponent and hit them as hard as you can LEGALLY. So if you want no contact Skip, Scoop, and the rest of you emo clowns, then pick up a a golf club and go suck Tiger Woods off some more about his come back to his sport.

I think you can ask either one of those teams that played this weekend if they think the game of football is to physical and if it needs to be addressed. I am sure your going to get the same answer or maybe you won't get an answer maybe they give your dumbass a chuckle and pull a Drew Rosenhouse and say ," Next question!"

Moving on to what I think will be a high rated superbowl due to the fact that the Steelers have such a large following and everyone seems to be interested in this new found identity that the Cardinals have found in the payoffs. There are tons of PA connections, storylines and a spider web of stories that tangle these two teams together. I haven't even got into the storylines of the game. Like how do the Steelers plan to stop Fitz and Co.? Will they be able to get pressure on Warner. How will the Steelers offense react to what seems to be a defense flying to the ball all of a sudden? Big Ben hasn't made any mistakes in the playoffs yet. I don't know about you,but that makes me nervous, just little bit, we all know Ben is good for a few of those. Will it happen in the superbowl or has Ben turned over a new leaf?

I could really go on and on, but no need to because if you watch football and follow it just a little bit then you will see this match up is one that was not even thought of in the beginning of the year and carries many interesting storylines. I also am tired of hearing about the Romo's , Manning's, and Brady's of the NFL. Who cares they aren't going to the Superbowl unless it s for some new sweat your balls of gatorade commercial. It 's gets annoying seeing these big headline teams always facing off in the Superbowl. So congrats Arizona and Pittsburgh or throwing a big fuck you to the NFL and the rest of the media who wants to see Dallas. Indy, New England, and New York's in the Superbowl.

I have to thank Bones and his latest blog post with that emo clowns article for my motivation to write this. Good points by you Bones.


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