Saturday, August 30, 2008

Penny Pincher

So the other day I was in the food court of the mall that I work at as a manager at Hollister. I decide that I want some tasty fake Chinese food so I make my way over to Panda Express. If you are not familiar with this food eatery, it is delicious. Let's just say if it were to come out today that they serve cat and dog, I would still consider eating it. So I tell the kind woman behind the counter that I would like some Bejing Beef, Orange Chicken and Chow Mein; a delightful combination. So, she puts the items on my plate and sends me down the line to the cash register where another smiling face is awaiting me to pay for my meal. I order a Dr. Pepper because it makes me aroused and tell her my order is then complete. So the total cost of my meal is $7.88. I hand the woman a 10 and say "Here kind woman is my legal tender for my wonderful meal I am about to indulge upon." She then hands me 2 dollars. Then she is about to hand me the reciept and change when as she opens her hand the 12 cents drops to the floor. She apologises and I say. "No need madam, these things happen." So I bend down and pick up my dime. Then I pick up my first penny. As I am about to pick up the second penny fucking grandfather time standing next to me bends down and picks up MY penny and puts it in HIS pocket. WHAT THE FUCK??? The old bastard was standing next to me the whole time. He knew it was my penny, he saw and heard it fall from the kind chashier's hand. The fucker even saw me bending down to pick it up. At first I thought he was being nice and bending down to give it to me and I was going to say "Aw, bless your heart you old bag of bones!" But no, the dickhead stole my penny. I sat in awe for about 30 seconds and was about to tell him that I wanted my penny back and that I would break his frail hip if he did not honor my wishes. But I then realized it was just a penny and threatening the old man with physical harm might cause him to have a heart attack. Even though it was just a penny, it was still my penny and old man winter stole it from me. Old people suck. That's it for now. Later

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