Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Commercials I Hate: Let's Vent!

I hate pretty much everything about this commercial. Let's start at the beginning. Johnny Blue Shirt is casually sitting with his hand on his girlfriends leg while she's reading some bridal magazine. Too bad she'll soon discover her douche bag boyfriend likes men and her little dream wedding ain't ever gonna happen. But that's another commercial for another time. So they are sitting there, kind of awkwardly, when the phone rings. It's Brad and from the way Captain Asshat is talking on the phone, there's cause for concern that resonates all over the faces of the aforementioned Asshat and his girl. Asshat explains that Brad really needs to vent and his girlfriend promptly tells him he should go. Next Asshat shows up on Brad's doorstep and WAIT A MINUTE! This is a beer commercial. It looks like old Johnny Blue Shirt and Brad have managed to outsmart the unknowing girlfriend by saying he was going to vent. Well he wasn't lying, the vent he was referring to was on the can of shitty Coors Light. It's the perfect plan. Now Asshat and Brad can get tanked on their pissy beer and have sex with each other and the girlfriend is none the wiser. Apparently nowadays, men need to devise elaborate schemes to go do things with their friends. Lame.

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Steve Braband said...

Bice, always enjoying your comedic views as well.

I linked yinz on my bloggy blog.

Keep it sleezy.