Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best Case/Worst Case Scenario

So. This has been a crazy week in the world of football. Focusing on the college game it was still quite interesting and will get to be even more interesting this weekend. We shall focus on a team that is just south of the Mason Dixon line, WVU (West Virginia University). WVU lost to ECU this past Saturday, 24-3. A big time blow to WVU after so much hype from last seasons success. So lets dive in, shall we!

Best Case Scenario
WVU currently has a record of 1-1. They opened with a victory over Villanova and then lost to ECU (Eastern Carolina University). Lets say that loss to ECU is a huge fluke. The schedule for WVU looks pretty soft to say the least. WVU should easily defeat Colorado, Marshall, Rutgers and Syracuse to improve to a 5-1 record. Next on the schedule would be Auburn, who should be in the SEC championship game this year. I say WVU loses this game to fall to 5-2. With all Big East schools remaining on their schedule, WVU can't afford to lose anymore games. WVU will defeat Connecticut, Cincinatti and Lousiville to improve to 8-2. I say they win out over Pitt and South Florida to finish at 10-2 and in a major bowl.

Worst Case Scenario
WVU is dealt a major blow to their confidence and it shows for the rest of the season. WVU would still manage to win all of their games leading up to the Auburn game where they get pounded and fall to 5-2. The Big East proves to be tougher than WVU anticipated and they lose to Connecticut, beat Cincinatti and beat Louisville to have a record of 7-3. WVU then loses out to Pitt and South Florida to finish at 7-5.

The Prediction
It is easy to start evaluating teams like I am and be completely wrong in the predictions. But the loss to ECU had to effect WVU mentally. This could be a sign of things to come, or it could be a complete fluke. Either way WVU has no chance at beating Auburn, so that will be another loss for them. I think that honestly South Florida is the only other threat on the schedule unless Pitt comes around. But another loss to a non-contender is possible. I say WVU finishes the season at 9-3 and bowl eligible, but not winners of the Big East.

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