Sunday, September 7, 2008

1-0: Steelers beat down Texans

The Steelers came out and set the tone early in a 38-17 victory over the Texans. Fast Willie had 138 yards and three scores. He already surpassed last season's total of 2. Big Ben was a coldly-efficient 13 out of 14 for 137 and two touchdowns. Peter King will still insist that Carson Palmer is better quarterback. Hines Ward caught two touchdowns and had 76 yards receiving. Would have been more if a 75 yard gain wasn't negated on a very questionable pass interference call.

James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley set the led the way for the Steeler's D. Harrison recorded 3 sacks and Woodley had a sack, fumble recovery, and an interception. Say hello to the best linebacking group in the NFL. Just wait till Timmons gets on the field more.

What to take from this victory? Houston isn't nearly as bad as they looked (or the Steelers made them look) and this was an impressive win over a decent football team. Everything was clicking on all cylinders. Houston's points were all scored in garbage time.

Only things I saw of concern was Roethlisberger was under some heat a little more than he should have been. Then again, Mario Williams is a beast (the Texans did the right thing drafting him over Reggie Bush). Santonio Holmes had a so-so game but don't fear his numbers will go up.

Looking at the rest of the AFC North, Cincinatti is a train wreck waiting to happen. Horrible offense/horrible defense. How in the blue hell do you let Joe Flacco run for a 30 something yard score? Just wait till their miscreants start acting up. Cleveland received a healthy beating from Dallas. Their defense still sucks. My grandma and Stephen Hawking can get open on their secondary. The Ravens are starting a rookie QB and their defense is another year older. Things are looking good for the division.

News out of New England (see Stein's post) is that Brady is dunzo. If that's the case that's one less obstacle in the Steeler's way. By the way Bice, since you're in Boston you better be taunting the Patriot fans.

The Browns are up next for the Black and Gold.

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Dave said...

I'm glad they won, but that game was kind of boring. Then again I miss rhoadsy flipping shit during the games.