Monday, July 14, 2008

It's A Love/Hate Thang

I was fortunate enough to be working the early shift this past Saturday at the good ole' booze outlet. Something strange happened in the first two or three hours that I was working. Everything that I loved and hated about my job at the current time, seemed to be occurring. And it got me thinking that I have one of the more unique jobs in the state of PA. I know some people have it worse (the guy that cleans toilets at Wal-Mart) and some have it great (Sid the Kid). But I by no means have it worse or great. I would say its an average job. As I was at work, I realized something special was happening. So I wasted no time making note of what I love and hate about my job.

One of the things that I hate is the dirtballs and riff-raff that come into the store. I mean, why the hell do some people go into a booze store and then hand you nasty, wet, disgusting money that 99 percent of the people in the world wouldn't want to touch? But somehow they seem to think that I don't mind touching it. Wrong! It is gross touching somebodies wet nasty money that I have not idea where its been. The skanks and whores are the same way. It's almost like they came from the same place, except theirs will smell like cigarette smoke. It's probably because they have been banging some rich guy for a little money, because lets face it skanks and whores do that sort of thing. Certain people make an impression on me too. For example there was an old lady that came in and I assumed (never assume anything) that she was a nice old lady, because old ladies are nice. This one was mean. She wen't to the wrong cash register, which was the one I wasn't working at. I said in a very nice tone, "Hello today ma'am, I can help you over here!" She simply looked up from her purse and looked down again. As I approached her she made a comment about it not being convenient having to go to the other register to check out since that one was closer to the door. She was very disgruntled and mean. I think she should have just gone back to her home and done everyone a favor and had a stroke. But nice people do come in. Like the guy with a bunch of baloons tied to his shopping buggy. I said, "looks like you are having a birthday party today." He rolled his eyes and said, "yeah." And then he cracked a funny. "Actually I just tied the baloons to the cart so I don't get lost." As silly as it seems, it made me chuckle. Things like that help me to relax when dealing with grumps and jerks. Some people still piss me off. Like this lady that always parks her car at the back of the store, walks around to the front door, says she wants a case of wine delivered to her car at the back and insists on doing this every time. How the fuck is that efficient? It makes so much more sense for her to leave her car up front. Instead I end up carrying a case of wine to the front of the store so she can pay for it and then back again cuz the old cunt doesn't realize how fucking dumb she is. She even looks like a fucking idiot too. GOD! Now that I have that off my chest, it's on to another great topic. MILF's.

I see lots of Milfs. Everyday. That is one of the perks of my job. They aren't all nice, but they do like to flirt a little, probably cuz the last time they got any was when their last kid was born 6 years ago and they are so busy driving them all over God's half acre they don't have any time to relax. But anyway that is a perk of my job. Hotties always come into the store too. That is great cuz it is always a high point of the day. This also allows me to joke with them. People always ask, "are we allowed to go back through the store with this alcohol we just bought?" and my response, depending on how hot and friendly the person is will either be, "yes" or "No. I think they charge a toll to go that way." It always brings a smile. I only joke with the ladies cuz they always smile about it.

A strange crowd comes in too. I guarentee nobody has ever heard anyone say that your doors open the wrong way at their job, or that people who come into the store all the time (at least twice a week) still manage to end up on the wrong side of the cash register. Only at a booze outlet. I also deal with A-list celebrities, such as Craig Wilson, Tom Gorzolanny, Doug Meinkiwitcz and Mike Tomszak. It's a tough job but somebody has got to do it.

Soon it will all end. But remember, selling booze is not a glamourous job, especially when dealing with the alcoholics. They always have the "shakes" when they check out, which is funny. Serves them right for letting alcohol control their lives. Just don't kill me when you drive home drunk from the store. I'll haunt your ass for the rest of your life on earth!

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I'm in the library and I can't even read this cuz I just keep laughing.