Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dark Knight Review!!!

Holy Shit. I saw a pre screening of The Dark Knight tonight and it is bad ass. Everything you heard about Heath Ledger in the film is true. The man was AMAZING in the film (yes this is a film, not just a movie). In all ways it worked for what it was looking to do. I am partial to Christophen Nolan's movies, in my top 100 favorites, he's not got probably 4 spots on the list. The film hits the mark for everyone, it pleases the action fans with some great sequences that just make you say "damn, that was cool," it has the romance and heart that drama fans and chicks would like that make you say "oh man, thats rough", it's got one of the best villians of all time that makes you say "Heath Ledger will be missed the man is unreal in this role", it has crime that makes you say "I love bank heists", it has violence that makes you say "That trick that the Joker did was great." (just wait, watch for how the joker makes the pencil disappear), it has humor that makes you say "ha-ha", it has the cheesy one liners that makes you say "Oh Batman, you silly bastard" and most of all it has a great director at the helm that makes you say "Mr. Nolan, you've done it again." For all it's hype the movie exceeds expecations. It's long as hell at 2 and a half hours, but I was not bored once. What I found to be the coolest thing about the film was that even though it is a Batman movie, the supporting chracters are so dynamic. Where as most times the hero is the dynamic while most others are static. In this, most of the characters are challenged as much as Batman to change and be dynamic.... except the Joker. The mother fucker is just nuts. Still, like the character Anton that Javier Bardem plays in "No Country For Old Men" even in his insanity there is a level of value, integrity, honesty and more importantly intelligence that you need to have a supervillian. All around the acting was just superb. Especially by Ledger, Bale, and Eckhart who rocks the shit as Harvey Dent. I don't want to give any of the movie away and be the dick that spoils it for people. So, let's just say I'm probably going to have to see the movie again. Yes, even though I saw it for free it is good enough to drop the 9 bucks on to see again. So make sure you make a visit to your local movie house and check out this flick. The shit is for real, the hype is justified and it far exceeds the first installment. I would write a serious journalistic review, but fuck it. The movie is the shit check it out. Once you all actually see it I'll give my real insight into the film but I'm not going to get up on my high horse on a blog that is supposed to be humorous and talk about the cinematography (which is great by the way) and sound editing (also great). The Dark Kight is awesome so just fuckin see the thing will ya? The End

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Drew Bledsoe said...

I dunno. I think I'd prefer Heath Ledger in 10 things I hate about you.