Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What Do You Reccomend?

As everyone knows, I work at pizza shop in the Back Bay. It's definitely not my ideal job but it pays the bills I suppose. I'd say about 78% of the people who come in piss me off. Most of these being douche bag guys.

Point in Case: A Donny Douchebag walks into the shop and stairs at the menu while talking on his phone and looking at himself in his hand mirror. He probably stares at it for 5 minutes, forcing me to stand at the counter and wait for this asshole to make up his mind. Then finally in between his phone conversation, he turns and looks at me and says.

"What's your favorite sub?"

Nothing pisses me off more than this. First of all Asshole, what makes you think that we'd like the same things? Am I wearing a purple hoodie jacket and skinny jeans? Do I have my hair straightened and possibly dyed in the front? Do I say things like "Cheers" and "No Worries"? Fuck No. I'm not at a wedding and I'm certainly not in the Lion King.

God, I hate douchebags.

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Elisa said...

hahahah oh my!!!