Friday, January 9, 2009

A self-serving arrogant jerk

Since I didn't get the chance to put anything up on the BCS championship which Florida won, I will now write a little piece on a coach who is making a rapid ascent up my hatred charts. Urban Meyer or as I like to refer to him as Urban Crier. Now being a Seminole fan you have to realize this is inherently biased but the man is an arrogant jerk. He sprays and spouts more arrogance than this man:

Rick "The Model" Martel

Where to start on this one. Let's start with the claim that Crier made that Florida only takes the "top one percent of the top one percent." Hmmm...great call Urban and even better when your athletes don't really perform too admirably in the classroom.

An investigation by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, discovered that UF's football and basketball players score 346 pts lower on SAT than the average UF student. Here's the piece. I'm pretty sure that the University of Florida's students aren't necessarily dumb but they sure as shit aren't Ivy League quality. So are they really the top one percent of the top one percent as Crier so arrogantly boasted?

Now this looks even worse considering their rival school, who isn't really known for its academic prowess, produces a Rhodes scholar.

Spot the hypocrisy

Another issue with Crier is how he always mentions that Notre Dame is his dream job. Christ, for all the University of Florida has done for him (nothing short of offering him 40 virgins) can't he just keep his mouth shut? Go ahead Urban, go up to Notre Dame. Try recruiting your "top one percent" of athletes who don't do so well academically to Notre Dame. Oh wait they probably wouldn't get in there. Show some respect towards the college that has given you everything you arrogant jack-ass. Okay so Notre Dame is your dream job that's fine. Just don't go spewing it out everywhere, it's a slap in the face to Florida.

Another example of Crier class was when they kicked a meaningless field goal against Miami when they were blowing them out. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy a good Hurricane ass kicking but you already made your point. This led to Warren Sapp calling Crier a "classless jerk."

What pisses me off even more is that Florida (barring Tebow going pro) starts zero seniors on defense. They will probably be odds-on favorites again next year.

I wasn't able to catch any of the national title game because work was quite busy. I'm sure the commentating was a Tebow fellatio fun fest. Verne Lundquist, on CBS, probably prays to Lord Tebow before he goes to sleep every night.

Okay that's enough talking about Florida before I barf all over my screen. Now I get to buckle down and get ready for the 6-10 inches of snow they are calling for this area.


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