Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Thief of the Traveling Pants

So, I was working a remote for the top 40 station here in Pittsburgh KISS at Sandcastle. For those unfamiliar with Sandcastle, it is a water park with slides, pools, food, tubes, and most of all it's chalk full of some of the wierdest people you will ever come across in your life. This day was no exception. Ok so don't get me wrong. There are normal people there, just not many. Well, I'm working this remote and we are playing guitar hero for some prizes. There were 3 girls all about 12 years old playing the game and talking with me and the DJ Tall Cathy. They were all normal and actually very nice girls. For being such good sports we decided to give them a bag and movie passes to go see a pre-screening of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" the sequel to one of Stiens favorite movies. Along with the girls playing the game there was a creeper floating around doing at first what I thought was just normal creeper activites, but he exceeded my expectations in his creeperness. This man was at least 60 and had a pretty bad skin condition. I'm not going to make fun of the skin condition because that is not his fault and I would hate to have anything like that happen to me. So, it kind of actually made me feel bad for the guy. Kind of like how I feel bad for really ugly people because I could have been born that way too and they don't deserve the shit that people give them. But still, I don't know if a water park is the correct place to be if such a condition exists. I know I would not be one to go to a water park if I had that same problem. Well, this fellow comes up to our table and asks "What do I need to do to win a prize?" So I say. "Just play a game of guitar hero and we can give you any of the things we have." He said nothing in response to this, and went back to hovering behind a bunch or little girls and other wierd activites that his type engauges in. So, we place the prizes on the table for the girls to pick up when they finish the game. When they finished, one of the movie passes was no longer on the table. Tall Cathy and I both knew we gave them a prize but it was gone. Just as TC hand the girl another pass I notice the creeper slinking away. Sure as shit, with hands hidden behind his back so we didn't notice, he is holding a movie pass that he stole from our table. Ok now first off, you just stole something for which you need a kick in the dick. Secondly, it was stolen from a radio station that I'm pretty sure you have never heard of in your life. Third, it was stolen from a little girl, who did nothing to you whatsoever. Fourth it was fuckin "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2". Not sure, but I don't think that it's the type of movie a 60 year old man really goes to see. Then again, he might go in to the theatre and touch himself. He might have been that kind of guy cause i'm telling you he was creepy. I was going to go after him but It was just not worth it. Later, he acually had the nerve to come back to the table. I think he was going to try to steal something else but I would have none of it. I was just watching him like a hawk and he left without more of our stuff. It was strange. Well, that's it. Later.

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