Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pens Down 2-0 In Finals

While it doesn't look good for the Penguins in the 2009 edition of the Stanley Cup Finals, don't fret. Even though Detroit looks unstoppable, they have simply been getting the bounces. Compared to last year, the Penguins look much better. In fact, even though the Penguins are down in the series, I still like them in Pittsburgh for games 3 and 4. Here are some things the Pens need to do to win and get back into the series.
  • Fleury needs to step it up. While in game one, there were two flukey goals scored against him, he still played well. In game two it was the same story, except he gave up a bad goal to let the wings go up 3-1. Fleury simply needs to get some confidence back.
  • The Pens need to play a little better defense. They are playing solid defense, but at times Detroit gets some chances and with their experience and skill, that can't happen.
  • The hockey gods need to give the Pens some bounces. All of the bounces have seem to gone Detroits way. At some point that changes because it just doesn't happen for an entire series.

Also it has come to my attention that 41 of the last 44 times a team has taken a 2-0 series lead in the stanley cup finals, they have gone on to win the cup. The three times a team has blown a 2-0 series lead in the finals and lost were...

1942: Toronto vs. Detroit...Detroit actually won the first three games and then Toronto came storming back to win four straight and the series.

1966: Montreal vs. Detroit...Detroit won the first two and then Montreal won the next four to win the cup.

1971: Chicago vs. Montreal...Chicago took a 2-0 series lead and then Montreal came back to win the series in seven games.

Perhaps Detroit is due for a collapse? We'll see. But don't lose hope Penguins fans. Pittsburgh is clearly just as good as Detroit, they just need to find a way to get some goals and coming home to Pittsburgh is just what the doctor ordered.


dsams3156 said...

Face it. You have Sid, Evgeni, and a herd of other people. Detroit goes 4 lines deep...and solid. When you keep saying the Penguins are as good as Detroit, it makes it tough to take seriously anything you write.

Stein said...

I agree. I find it hard to take seriously anything I write too. But I also know that calls, bounces you name it haven't gone the Pens way. That's why I still believe the Pens have a chance. The Wings are a great team. But when two flukey goals in game one and a ton of none calls in game two give them the lead, that it's only a matter of time before things change. Momentum can change in an instant and thats all it takes.

Stein said...

All I can say is I was right asshole!