Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Got Laid Off So WPXI Could Host A Stupid Party

As most know by now, I work at shitty McDonalds. I did have a nice job at WPXI for two months when they told me the economy was "too bad" to still employee me. So I took my shit and left with no hard feelings. But now I am a little pissed. It seems like WPXI has been hosting a ton of parties since I left. Maybe its because they know they are such a shitty station that they need to do somthing to make themselves look good. I dont know. But recently they hosted a party at some new night club called Dolce and also had Conan O'Brien in town. Click on the links to read the stories and look at all the douches that showed up just to say they could rub shoulders with a super bowl MVP and the new face of late night. I suppose its no suprise that a bunch of WPXI employees showed up. But regardless I'm bitter. You would think that a place of business would know how they are doing financially to determine if they could keep employees longer than two months. And I doubt that Conan just shows up for free. It may be in his contract to visit affiliates, but I doubt it. I am willing to bet money that they paid and made arrangements to have him come in. I dont see celebrities visiting other TV networks in the region. So that is my rant. Have a nice day!!!


Huha said...

Actually Stein, Conan's taking over for Leno on The Tonight Show around June or so, so he's visiting NBC affiliates to bring some more publicity to the change.

But it's kind of funny you mention cutbacks here, because NBC's putting Leno in the 10PM time slot Monday-Friday (I believe starting in the fall), so that's cast members from 5 different shows that lost their jobs.

Trick said...

God Damn it Huha, let Stein rant. Let him release his agression.

Huha said...

I'm sorry... Buzz Killington out!!!