Sunday, July 20, 2008

How Many Senses Do You Have?

Something funny happened the other day. I was at work (the booze outlet) and one of our fine customers decided that it was time to head home after making their choice on what to get fucked up on that day. This individual has been into the store several times. I was stationed at a register that was all alone near the exit. The register has nothing on either sides, so it could be confusing as to which side to go to. If you have any common sense, you would guess that it would be the side that lines up with the exit door. But this individual, who I will not name because I don't know it, goes to the wrong side. This person has been into the store several times, as I mentioned earlier. WHAT A FUCKING MORON! Who makes stupid choices like this. Apparently this douche bag and his thick, black rimmed glasses. He looks like a total nerd, overweight and dorky looking. What a waste.

Also, Bob Smizik wrote another lame editorial in which he calls Pittsburghers "knuckleheads" for wanting to boo Marian Hossa. Well no shit Smizik, what should we do: cheer him for taking us to a cup final, missing the last shot of the season, and then stabbing us all in the back and fleeing for Detroit. Why don't you all do us a fucking favor Bob and retire so that some college kid can get a job and actually contribute to society instead of writing pessimisstic articles. You beetle browed fuck!


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